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Company News >> In addition to the high cost Taiwan factory does not build OLED mobile phone panel production line What are the reasons?
With the iterative display technology updates, more superior performance OLED is expected to gradually replace the LCD, as the next generation of mainstream display technology. Recent major manufacturers have announced an increase of OLED investment, analysts optimistic about the future growth prospects of the OLED market is expected to continue to heat up industrial chain investment.
Since last year, the discussion on the upcoming large-scale application of OLED technology continues to heat up. In recent months, the news that Apple's iPhone 8 will use OLED screen will further push the popularity of this topic to a new upsurge. According to Nikkei news reports, by the second half of 2018, all new iPhones will all adopt OLED screens.
Industry insiders believe that the iPhone 8 fully equipped with OLED screen will speed up the adoption of OLED panels by other smartphone manufacturers. Trendforce expects OLED panels to reach 50% adoption on smartphones by 2020.
Demand for smart phones is nearing the outbreak, and demand for OLED TV panels is also growing rapidly. LG Display Company announced that in 2017 OLED TV panel production target to reach 1.8 million, compared with the 2016 production doubled. Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba will also return to OLED TV market. IHS data estimates that between 2016 and 2019, the global average annual growth rate of OLED TV shipments will remain above 70%.
OLED market so optimistic about the prospects for the market, Taiwan panel makers why not follow up? According to industry sources, in addition to the cost is too high, including Samsung has almost covered all markets.
Xu Meiwen, a senior research manager at IDC, said that the panel makers in Taiwan do not build OLED panel production lines. In addition to the really high cost, there is another important reason for the OLED panel production in South Korea's Samsung Display Company, which covers almost all Market, not only the Samsung brand mobile phones using OLED panel for many years, this year even the Apple iPhoneX are used, the new OLED cell phone panel production line is basically slow.
Xu Meiwen also pointed out that not only LG Display Company and Japan Display Company have the opportunity to lead the market in mobile OLED panel, but now they even set up OLED panel production line in China mainland such as panel factory, KF, Kunshan Guoxian, Tianma Microelectronics and BOE. Contenders public.
She believes that Peng Shuanglang, chairman of AU Optronics Corp., proposed that MicroLEDs be the opportunity for Taiwan's panel makers. The view is very real. Since South Korea has been investing in the OLED panel industry for many years, it is skillful. Even if Taiwan now produces OLEDs, it is not technically easy to catch up On the Korean factory, not to mention the fastest 2 years after the mass production; into the current production of any country's MicroLED panel, have the opportunity to obtain the lead.
Peng Shuanglang said in a recent interview that Taiwan has mature faceted industries and light-emitting diode (LED) industry, quite suitable for investment in MicroLED, although AUO into MicroLED very early, but also among the leading group, but the product to be commercialized, I am afraid Still a little time.

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