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Company News >> Samsung and QLED are not giving up Samsung is set off a grand battle
Throughout 2017, Samsung is the focus.
The beginning of this year at the beginning of the year, Note7 events let this business empire is very bleak, all kinds of victories fall from behind. However, in November this year, Samsung Electronics once again stunning bloom, performance rose sharply in one year rose to 55%. Among them, Samsung's panel plays an important supporting role.
As we all know, the panel industry is now an important part of the entire field of science and technology, because Samsung is the key to small-screen mobile phone and the big screen TV industry chain.
Unlike ordinary consumers' perceptions, Samsung Electronics is not a purely mobile phone manufacturer. According to foreign media Android Headlines latest data show that Samsung has now controlled 99% of the smart phone OLED market. In the big TV screen, Samsung mainly focused on QLED (Quantum Dot Display Technology), which not only promoted the development of QLED technology, but also turned QLED into the standard of high-end TV. According to NPD DisplaySearch data show that by 2020 the global quantum dot market will reach 2.5 billion US dollars, the future growth potential. According to Orville cloud (AVC) offline monitoring data show that the third quarter of 2017, Quantum TV retail volume was 53,000 units, an increase of 24.3%. This will undoubtedly make Samsung's future brighter. As the leader of global market quantum dot television, Samsung's TV market share also reflects the strong QDTV. According to GfK data, as of the second quarter of this year, Samsung TV market share up to 34%.
In my opinion, the current Samsung is setting off a grand battle, in which both the TV screen or mobile phone screen, whether it is QLED or OLED, the so-called "both hands have to grasp, must be hard!"
1, the choice of OLED
The entire panel industry each time a new display technology to play the role of industrial upgrading of the locomotive. From the spherical CRT to flat CRT, and then evolve to the LCD liquid crystal, LED backlight, OLED, QLED quantum dots. Today, the traditional liquid crystal display technology faces being eliminated, the next generation of display technology - OLED and QLED quantum dots to become the key to competition.
The quantum dot, OLED's core technology are in the hands of Samsung. Among them, the mobile phone panel Samsung to OLED, and television and other big screen, Samsung QLED quantum dot technology. Therefore, Samsung's both hands are caught, but also based on the actual situation of different trade-offs.
In the view of Samsung, not using OLED on television is responsible for the user. Of course, Samsung is not denying its dominant OLED technology, but that OLED is not suitable for television. Because OLED burning screen, short life, only applies to short replacement phone, not suitable for television. Not long ago in the United States, part of the OLED TV sold in the Russian market burned the screen when the TV was in use, triggering a return of consumers, and its short service life was once again controversial. In the field of television, since better QLED technology can replace OLED, why have the name of the future under the banner of forcibly into the dead end. Obviously Samsung's choice is wise.
In reality, the smart TV industry has been gaming around OLEDs and QLEDs. On the one hand, to LG, Skyworth, as the representative of the color TV companies continue to force OLED display technology; the other hand, Samsung, TCL, Hisense and other manufacturers represented the main push quantum dot technology.
The so-called QLED quantum dots is a new display technology, quantum dot TV and the original LCD TV, better picture quality, energy saving, longer life, belonging to more high-end products.
Recently, "Q enjoy the end of the year carnival" Quantum Dot Carnival of vision, Samsung Electronics TV chief Liu Junguang said that China's manufacturing upgrade from the huge local consumer market. Quantum Dot TV not only provides the ultimate visual experience closer to the real world, but also meets the consumer's need for a higher quality of life beyond the basic television functions. In the future, the rising middle class will pay more for premium services, brands, experiences, etc. than for pure commodities.
It is foreseeable that the continuous expansion of the new middle class is driving the arrival of a new consumption escalation. The launch of Quantum Dot TV just conforms to the inherent needs of consumer upgrading, providing a new answer to the good life and identity of the new middle class, with a gorgeous future.

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