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Company News >> South Korea panel offer lower than the Taiwan plant LCD industry is facing collapse 30th,Mar,2017
                                     (3009) stock price facing NT $ 10 yuan face price war, Qunchuang (3481) stock price fell below NT $ 20 integer mark, another LCD factory stock price new low, in the Korean dollar fell sharply, and South Korea six On behalf of the LCD plant depreciation of the advantages of the South Korean industry launched a new wave of low-cost offensive, fear of some panel makers will be forced to collapse, so that the industrial order of natural recovery.
                             Panel plant said that the recent sharp decline in the Korean won more than four percent, coupled with the LG Display (LGD) of the six generations of plants have been depreciated, these two factors are the advantages of Taiwan's LCD factory has not decided to continue to take lower than the Taiwan plant Of the offer offensive, so that Taiwan's LCD factory headache, South Korean manufacturers determined in this wave of recession, out of some of the LCD industry, so that the industrial order to restore the natural supply and demand to achieve a balance.
                            Taiwan shares yesterday (11) fell 100 points, led the LCD stock prices continued to decline, Chi Mei Electric yesterday, the stock price limit to NT $ 10.8 to close, trading volume of 49,900, will face the face price to defend the war, group hit yesterday is to limit For the closing price of NT $ 20.4, a new record low price, the same face NT $ 20 integer level to defend the war.
                             LGD third quarter after-tax net profit of 295 billion won, about 85.46 billion yuan NT, the other hand, Taiwan LCD factory third quarter earnings, in addition to AUO (2409) and the group in the profit and loss of the edge of the two, Which Chi Mei Electric loss of NT $ 4.1 billion, CPT greater NT $ 60 billion, LGD's bright performance, that is, the decline of the Korean won the relationship with the end of the six generations of plants.
                            Panel manufacturers stressed that although the current price has fallen below the LCD factory cash costs, no fall, however, South Korea's LCD plant depreciation and plant depreciation of the dual advantage, the cost is lower than the Taiwanese manufacturers, even if the Korean LCD factory also own Will be hit by bargain, but Taiwan and the mainland's LCD factory, will be out of this wave of winter, when the natural order of industrial order recovery, supply and demand can also be balanced.
                            In the parts factory part, part of the Taiwan panel factory part of the production line, its capacity utilization rate as low as five percent, the future does not rule out some of the production line will stop production, component factory because there is no order, also facing the fate of Guan Guan

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