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Company News >> Artificial intelligence introduced by the industry recognized or accelerated display technology replacement
After introducing the LTPS technology from Apple into the field of mobile phone display, the technical improvement and quality control of the display gradually surpass the business capabilities of the traditional engineers. As if the physical indicators tolerance of the display changed overnight, it is hard to use a fixed Physical test data to control.
It is also from the industry to re-recognize LTPS technology, display process control, but also from a simple PCB-style detection control, back to the front of the semiconductor workers physical size control. In view of the late detection and control of display effects, panel makers in addition to the same as the semiconductor industry, despite the luck eating, the introduction of image quality correction and screen rewriting technology Apple has gradually been the industry by reference, and a panel plant rescue display rate of success Important weapon.
In fact, not only is LTPS technology, Apple relies on the image quality correction and screen rewriting technology quickly get the industry recognition, have been driven IC factory and testing equipment factory to learn, optimize, into their own products inside, To the panel industry to control quality, improve yield, improve the process has brought great convenience, but also in OLED display correction and compensation technology, is even more important.
Compared with the traditional ITO technology, a-Si technology and LTPS technology are closer to the true modern semiconductor process. However, the OLED display technology can be fully integrated into the field of modern semiconductors because the core theories of these technologies are all ion doped technology Dynamic ion concentration control and migration control, than the classical static ion doping concentration control difficult geometric grade. This also fully shows why the industry is the production of LTPS and OLED products, the yield has been troubled by the industry's biggest problem.
Apple's image quality correction and screen rewriting technology not only opens the door for the display industry to learn from the semiconductor process, but also changes the stochastic physical parameters which are difficult to be tamed by the industry. Through the detection, correction and rewriting, it is unified and saved At least two to three into the industry yield, but also to allow line engineers to get rid of the endless "fortune-telling" work, do not go to a large number of grams of pre-physical parameters and the late detection of statistical data and comparison work, and It is all this to the testing equipment to complete.
And with the deepening involvement of AI in the testing, calibration, compensation, and feedback control of drive software and inspection equipment, a large amount of work on the panel production line will be fully automated and the database model generated by artificial intelligence will be replaced Out of the majority of production line engineer, a panel production line and module processing plant technology and quality control of the actual implementation of the unit.
In a sense, the software will smooth out too many technological obstacles that show the production process of enterprises. The essence of market competition will quickly return to capital investment and hardware research and development. The breakthrough of core technology theory and the breakthrough of technology mass production will Back to the core of industrial progress. This also means that the open-loop semi-automatic industrial upgrade led by the industry's engineer bonus will replace the well-known employee bonuses of that year. The closed-loop fully automated industrial upgrade guided by the artificial intelligence dividend of the industry in the future will completely replace the current engineer bonus .
Did not find this situation with the earlier industrial system in developed countries, as profitable is the production of building blocks and teach people to play building blocks, and building blocks made of different products, and finally put a dozen, decades earned Money, all lost overnight overnight in the transfer of the industry. So made appliances, making cars so, making ships, aircraft are the same.
It seems that the whole industry is going back to the early 90s when the display industry broke out. That phase of reliance on original theoretical innovation and software technology breakthroughs, equipment manufacturers with core technology breakthroughs and software vendors with algorithms and code standards, Become the leading force in the development of the industry.

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