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Company News >> 全球TV代工厂10月出货排名:富士康/冠捷/BOE高创前三
Month Sigmantell mentioned that due to continued decline in panel prices, orders from domestic and overseas customers appear to be postponed. The orders that should have been confirmed in May-June were deferred until August-September and were confirmed to foundries Foundries in the fourth quarter of this year appeared different from previous years, the scene: the off-season is not short. According to Sigmaintell "Global TV Foundry Shipments Analysis Report" data show that in October 2017 the world's 13 largest factory shipments reached 9.43 million units, an increase of 19.7% over the same period last year. In September the factory main production of European and American orders allow customers to complete the "Black Friday" and Christmas stocking, into the October plant on the one hand continue to complete South America, Middle East Africa and Southeast Asia orders, on the other hand efforts to complete domestic customers double eleven Stocking, so in October ushered in the peak of this year's factory shipments. Qunzhi Consulting predicts that the November factory will grow year on year, with the exception of some unfinished orders, as well as a large number of overseas replenishment needs.
From the global foundry ranking analysis of the performance of each shipment in October:
Foxconn (Foxconn) shipments in October reached 220 million units, an increase of 100%, shipping rankings for the first time came first. Sharp's shipment performance this year has been the subject of attention, according to Sigmantek (Sigmaintell) "Global TV Brand Shipments Analysis Report" data show that Sharp's first three quarters worldwide shipments reached 5.8 million units, an increase of 81.3% . Foxconn main foundry another brand SONY, shipped the first three quarters worldwide reached 8.6 million units, an increase of 1.2%. In addition, the Sharp brand October October stocking strong, led to a substantial increase in shipments of Foxconn. Also worth noting is that Foxconn Group launched its own brand INFOCUS in the Chinese market in late September, and InFocus will deploy 32 ", 40" and 50 "small and medium size segments, which will further expand the shipment of Foxconn's products the amount.
TPV shipped 1.68 million units, ranking second, down 18% from a year earlier. The decline in October was still affected by more shipments of Chinese Internet brands in the same period of last year. However, as the shipments of LGE, BBY and Vizio brands increased and recovered, the drop in TPV began to narrow.
BOE high record (BOE VT) shipments reached 950,000, an increase of 18.8%, ranking rose to third place. In October, a record high for Samsung, LGE, Vizio, BBY shipments continued to grow, while there are some orders growth of domestic customers, making record high shipments still maintain a high water level.
The new technology (CNC) shipped 930,000, an increase of 59%, ranking fourth. In the beginning of October, Sino-Singapore Technology started to increase its domestic customer orders. The growth of customer orders such as Haier, Changhong and Skyworth mainly resulted from the obvious increase in demand of 32 "~ 40" and 55 ", which led to a substantial year-on-year increase in the technology of China and Singapore.
TCL SCBC ranked fifth, shipments reached 820,000 units, a slight increase of 1.2%. In October, customers in Southeast Asia and South America continued to ship steadily while TCL SCBC started shipments of millet, which delivered a dazzling performance in this year's shipping, which led to a slight increase in shipments.
Due to lack of work and other troubles, AMTC pushed shipments of some orders in September to October and shipped 650,000 units in October, up 30% YoY; HKC continued to deepen the vertical integration of the industry chain and 10 Shipments of 620,000 units a month, an increase of 26.5%; Kang crown (KTC) in October customer demand has been restored, InFocus brand also began shipping in October shipped 520,000 units, an increase of 2%; color Shipments of ExpressLuck to North America and Middle East and Africa were strong, with 470,000 units shipped in October, up 36.2% YoY; SQY's demand from Australian customers increased in October and reached 190,000 units in October, up YoY 48.4%. Amtran shipped 190,000 units in October despite a slight increase in shipments of millet, but still a 38.7% decrease on a year-on-year basis. Customer demand continued to slump. Compal and Wistron shipments in October dropped 3.2% and 33.7% respectively from a year earlier.

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