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Company News >> Kant new building a world-class ecological polymer materials platform for the localization of photovoltaic modules
A project with a total investment of 180 billion yuan, "Kraton New Future City," is arousing public concern.
A few days ago, Wuzheng Long, deputy secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and governor, led a delegation to visit Kangda New Photoelectron Material Co., Ltd. of Zhangjiagang and inspected the ecological platform of advanced polymer materials industry constructed by Kangde New Composites Group Co., Ltd., New Future City "project strategic planning.
At the same time, the world's first naked eye 3D notebook - Samsung "Hitomi 3D" notebook officially in Jingdong, Suning listed, this innovative product application of Kang new 3D technology, the industry that "press the 3D display era start button" Triggered the market enthusiastic response. Kang new naked eye 3D logo was particularly conspicuous, with Intel's logo in this notebook side by side, rare in China.
In fact, whether it is the polymer material industry platform, or the naked eye 3D notebook, this is just one of the many innovations in the new "miniature." In recent years, Kang Dexin to the advanced polymer materials research and development as the core, through continuous innovation and beyond, and gradually explore the material application solutions provider to the overall business model. Whether it is pre-coated materials, optoelectronic materials, carbon materials, the three core material platform, or the emerging smart display, Internet applications, new energy vehicles three industrial ecosystem, KTX are trying to fill the gaps in the domestic market for China's independent innovation contribution power.
Recently, the reporter walked into Kangde's new building in Laiguangying, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Xu Shu, the new CEO of Kangde, fully explained Kangde's innovative and development path to reporters.
Pre-coated film industry's global king
National "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" made it clear that the polymer material is an important industrial base in China, widely used in various fields of national economy.
At present, China has become the world's largest manufacturing country of chemical materials. One of the major categories is advanced polymer materials. However, our localization rate is only 60% in the field of advanced polymer materials. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the goal of the country is to increase the localization replacement rate by 10% and to use the market size to calculate a huge space of about 12 trillion yuan.
"Kang De new company will continue to focus on the field of polymer materials, domestic materials to promote high-end alternative process." Xu Shu said.
The "Kraton Future City" project will be Kang Dexin to build the world's advanced ecological platform for advanced polymer materials is an important part. According to reports, the project total investment of 180 billion yuan, plans to implement by stages, by 8 years to be completed by 2025, when the annual output will reach 300 billion yuan, will become the world's advanced polymer materials talent high ground, high technology, industrial high ground .
Kang new why so emboldened? Have to start from the company's development history. Kang Dexin was founded in 2001, the first to enter the pre-coating materials industry. In the country at that time, this was an entirely new industry and therefore faced with many problems and difficulties.
"The first is the concept of." Xu Shu told China Economic Weekly reporter, "pre-coating as an environmentally friendly, high-quality new material was not recognized at the time, when we went to promote the product, some people That environmental protection has nothing to do with us, of course, the concept has now changed.
According to Xu Shu, in the past, China was relatively backward in the field of materials and its supporting capability was very weak. In order to cultivate the core competitiveness of pre-coating film industry, Kang Dexin first solved the problem of supporting industries. After that, after many tests and accumulations, Kangdexin made the first precoating film production line in China and opened up the course of Kangdexin high-tech manufacturing. "Kang De new establishment, in fact, carries the ideal of chairman Zhong Yu Industrial Newspaper country." Xu Shu said.
It is understood that Kang Dexin has now become the world leader in the pre-coating film industry, whether it is technology research and development, or product, size, market, Kang Dexin are the absolute leader in the world, far ahead of competitors. Kant new products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions. The successful development of the precoat industry has provided an important foundation for KTX to build a platform for the polymer materials industry.
Optical film industry to break the international monopoly
When the LCD panel as a core component of consumer electronics in China, mass production, Kang Dexin keenly smelt one of the industry opportunities. As a result, "Optical Film" Kraton new second industry.
As the optical film industry's technical threshold is much higher than the pre-coated film, then almost completely blank in China, Kang Dexin in the development of optical film throughout the process of being questioned. According to Xu Shu's description, when the relevant experts are very optimistic about that China is not even optical PET base film are doing well, how can make optical materials? At that time, some domestic manufacturers had made finished products for six years.
To this end, Kang Dexin set up six new division, respectively, to form their own independent technology, technology, equipment and products. In only one year, Kang Dexin created Zhangjiagang Optoelectronics Industry Zone, breaking the foreign monopoly in one fell swoop to achieve our country in the display of photovoltaic modules localization, thus, China was born optical film industry.
It is because of Kang Dexin's accumulated experience in research and development of optical film products, aware of the emergence of the three-dimensional display in the field of flexible development trend, Kang Dexin in the 3D display technology to make a series of historic breakthroughs. At present, the naked eye 3D products have been used in medical-grade minimally invasive surgery. Following the launch of the 2.5-generation technology naked-eye 3D mobile phone in cooperation with domestic brands such as ZTE, Changhong and Sino-noo, Kang Dexin and Samsung jointly launched the naked-eye 3D notebook based on the 3rd generation technology.
At present, Kang Dexin has formed a perfect ecosystem of naked eye 3D products.
China's carbon fiber industry to achieve several years across
The third important material field that Comtec entered is carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber performance is extremely superior, the intensity is 10 times the steel, the weight of less than 1/4 of steel, known as the Pearl of advanced polymer materials, widely used in aerospace, automotive, wind power, mixed with molding, sports and leisure, etc. field. At the same time with excellent performance, carbon fiber technology threshold is also very high.
According to Xu Shu introduction, carbon fiber as the most advanced advanced polymer materials, has a strong national strategic significance. Before Kangdexin, high-performance carbon fiber was almost blank in the Chinese market, Japan and the United States and other countries imposed very severe technical and product blockades on China.
Kanto hand in hand with the controlling shareholder Kang Group, after years of independent research and development, to achieve stable production T700, T800, T1000 and other high-performance carbon fiber products, the successful break the international monopoly to fill the gaps. High-end carbon fiber production capacity ranked first in China, the world's fifth. An academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said that Kant achieved a span of several decades in China's carbon fiber industry.
On this basis, Kang Dexin and Kang De Group also create the world's only, the world's leading ecological platform for carbon fiber lightweight, from raw silk to carbon wire, carbon fiber composite materials to R & D, design, production of the whole industry chain Integration. In the future, Kant new carbon fiber and composite materials will be widely used in new energy vehicles and China's "big aircraft."
Kang's new carbon fiber industry platform is highly valued by the prime ministers of China and Germany. In October 2015, its subsidiary, Comdex, and GFG, the world's largest manufacturer of carbon fiber automotive parts, invested 450 million euros to build the world's largest intelligent manufacturing plant for carbon fiber composite parts and build the world's most advanced fully automated production line. The current one has been successfully put into operation.
For the future, Xu Shu said that Kang Dexin will move from catch-up innovation to leading innovation in an all-round way and create a world-class ecological platform based on advanced polymer materials, thus making Kang Dexin an eagle standing at the top of the times and spreading its wings to lead future.

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