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Company News >> TCL Group invested 9.6 billion yuan to build a high-generation module Huaxing Sub-project
November 17, TCL Group announced that the company plans to invest in Huizhou City TCL Group module integrated intelligent manufacturing industry base - Huaxing High-generation module sub-project, a total investment of about 9.6 billion. The company said the move was mainly aimed at further expanding the vertical integration advantages of TCL Group semiconductors, optimizing supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, strengthening regional industrial layout, promoting coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries, and enhancing the overall competitiveness of TCL Group.
The announcement shows that the total investment of the project is about 9.6 billion yuan, of which 7,845 million yuan is contributed by Huaxing Huaxing and 1.855 billion yuan is invested by TCL Industrial Park, all of which are controlled subsidiaries of TCL. The project is expected to complete the first phase of construction in 2019 and reach an annual production capacity of 40 million LCD panels of various sizes. The second phase of construction will be completed in 2021, achieving an annual production capacity of 60 million LCD panels of various sizes.
The announcement said that after the completion of the project as a whole, Huaxing will become the highest generation G11 and G8.5 generation LCD panel on behalf of supporting the plant, will also provide 整机 manufacturers inside and outside the region to provide high-quality liquid crystal display module to further enhance the Huaxing photoelectric in the new semiconductor Show the strength of the industry. At the same time, with the perfect supply chain support in the region, it realized the integrated intelligent manufacturing of modules and complete machines, greatly enhanced the manufacturing efficiency of intelligent terminals, enhanced the competitiveness of upstream and downstream TV industries of TCL Group, stabilized and upgraded its market position, To lay the foundation for the realization.
Huaxing photoelectric as TCL's most high-quality assets, more and more market attention. TCL said in mid-year report that it will continue to focus on its leading industries and adjust its business structure. It plans to use the group as a financing platform for Huaxing Optoelectronics and retains a handful of light-asset businesses with strong profitability. At the same time, TCL ongoing private placement acquisition of the remaining stake in Huaxing, will achieve 100% controlling Huaxing Power.

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