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Company News >> BOE independent innovation flexible screen to break the international monopoly
Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of Information and the BOE that foreign enterprises have dominated the global market with flexible mobile phones and were recently broken by Beijing high-tech enterprise BOE. Last month, BOE first domestic production, the world's second flexible screen production line to achieve mass production. Beijing enterprises that started to lead the development of the global flexible display industry have already realized "run" from "follow run" and gradually started their "lead".
Display show "Jujitsu"
E-newspaper can be casually folded into the pocket, the phone is not afraid of falling from fear of folding, and even bent like a bracelet worn on the arm, so cool technology life is becoming a reality.
Recently, BOE's first flexible display line in Chengdu, China, announced the mass production in advance. This means that China will break the exclusive supply of South Korea's Samsung and become the second country in the world to mass produce flexible displays.
"Snapped" sound, once the phone once done a free-fall movement, in all likelihood you have to change screen, or have to change the phone. And if you use the flexible screen, the phone screen will not be so fragile. Compared with the traditional display, flexible AMOLED display as the next generation of display technology to replace the traditional glass of plastic, with the current cell phone screen does not have the impact resistance. The intuitive benefit of more pliable and less damaging plastic is the risk of the phone breaking down linearly.
In addition to being able to flex and bend easily, with high resolution, fast response and low power consumption, the flexible display can be applied not only to mobile phones but also to clothing, jewelry, car dashboards and center console Etc., the huge market potential to make it more competitive market. At present, including Samsung, Sharp, LG, Philips and other international manufacturers attach great importance to this new technology.
New products to break the monopoly of South Korea
However, in the past this high-tech display products in the world are a Samsung dominance. Due to limited capacity and huge demand, insiders disclosed that "domestic mobile phone manufacturers sometimes can not buy related products even with money," and the degree of tightness can be imagined. It also greatly limits the market competitiveness of domestic manufacturers.
This year in May, BOE successfully lit the first piece of flexible display. From display technology to mass production, the industry usually takes one or two years to leap, BOE only took half a year. It is reported that the BOE's flexible screen production line is expected to produce nearly 600,000 substrates a year, demonstrating the strong technological capabilities of Chinese enterprises to the world with "BOE Speed."
During the delivery ceremony of the first batch of flexible screen products held by the BOE recently, BOE delivered the flexible display screen to more than a dozen leading domestic handset manufacturers such as Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE and Nubian. Industry forecasts, which also made the comprehensive competitiveness of domestic mobile phones in the future high-performance mobile phones to be synchronized. Soon we may be able to use a cellphone that can be rolled up, a TV that can be turned into an axis, a computer that can be folded, or even completely beyond what people imagine.
Billion each year research and development "grinding" out of innovation sword
Why can a hard and brittle display become soft? "This is mainly OLED technology to achieve self-luminous, so the screen no longer needs a hard backlight, color filters and other components." BOE Technology Group Vice President, Head of Flexible Technology Group Wang Daowei told reporters this self-luminous New display material - white powder placed in a bottle jar. "The combination of these luminescent materials in different arrangements gives rise to different colors of red, yellow, blue, etc. The use of plastic materials finally makes the screen lighter and softer than glass."
R & D headquarters in Beijing BOE R & D department revealed that the difficulties encountered in the development of flexible screens are endless. For example, since the plastic substrate used for the flexible screen is different from the traditional glass substrate, it is required to ensure that the plastic substrate does not deform during high-temperature vapor deposition and has high requirements on the process. The OLED display material is extremely sensitive to oxygen and moisture. , The display device may fail; the display screen can be folded, the circuit can stand the bending, to ensure that after repeated bending does not affect the display due to loss of display ... ... In hundreds of flexible display R & D personnel under the joint research, BOE has completed one by one the important process of flexible display technology, such as flexible substrate production, OLED light-emitting layer preparation, film packaging and stripping.
Continuous innovation investment is the source driving force for realizing technology and industry breakthroughs. Nearly 500 million yuan in 2009, 1.1 billion yuan in 2011, 3.32 billion yuan in 2015 and 4.14 billion yuan in 2016 ... These annual figures show the annual R & D investment of the BOE. Huge R & D investment also brought rich returns, the first half of this year, BOE new patent applications for 4000, the cumulative number of patents available has more than 55,000.

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