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Company News >> Full screen fingerprint solution Competition glass cover in the high-end market has not seen the figure
From the recent release of mobile phones, full screen has become the theme of the conference, and many mobile phone manufacturers such as millet, Huawei, vivo, OPPO, Hammer Technology have released their own full screen mobile phone. In full screen popular at the same time, the full screen phone fingerprint where to go is also of concern. From the recent release of full screen mobile phones, many full screen models are used within the expected coating program, but surprising that many models still use the ceramic cover scheme, and in both In addition, there are few full-screen mobile phones that use a glass cover solution.
September millet MIX2 release, fingerprint rear, using a ceramic cover program; followed by October Huawei mate 10 and early November OPPO R11s are used ceramic fingerprint cover. In addition, vivo x20, Jinli M7, collar song S8, hammer Pro2 is no accidental use of the mainstream post-coating program. Visible, many full-screen models released in the second half of this year, although the coating solution is still the mainstream choice of most mobile phone manufacturers, but the performance of ceramic cover is not weak, occupy the three main brands models.
The most surprising thing is the glass cover, as far as I know, the current release of the brand full screen mobile phone point of view, only the Nubian Z17S rear glass fingerprint cover, and other full screen mobile phone is Did not see the figure of the glass fingerprint cover. Even the usual use of glass cover Meizu did not use the signs, but with the MediaTek cooperation in the development of face recognition.
Under the prevalence of full-screen trend, the brand models released by handset manufacturers in the second half of this year are all in full screen. This market trend will continue to spread to next year until the real 100% full screen appearance. Visible, full screen has become the future trend of development, screen will only be more and more proportion, and in the process of development, the layout of the fingerprint is further squeezed. The current full-screen mobile phone is also equipped with a front-mounted ultra-narrow fingerprint Sharp Aquos S2 and Huawei mate10, but then further expand the screen share, the front has no room, the fingerprint will be all moved to the body, or to the screen.
Seen in this light, the front-side fingerprint cover has disappeared, and the back of the fingerprint is notably less competitive with ceramic covers, glass covers and coatings. The reason is that, from the price point of view, it is not as good as coating cheap, performance, but less than ceramics. Therefore, the trend in the overall screen, the glass cover the situation twice as awkward.

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