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Company News >> September 2017 LCD, touch chip leaderboard
First, liquid crystal, touch chip market information
1. In response to the challenge of full screen design and the latest development of touch display driver integration technology, JTI launched the ICD1511, the latest generation touch integrated display (SoD) solution for ITD (Integrated-touch-driver). The new generation of ICNL9911 supports 18: 9 full screen design, supports a-Si HD panel, with excellent display, touch performance, ultra-low dynamic power consumption to ensure long standby;
2. The mobile chip supply chain pointed out that due to the old machine inventory, the new machine is not easy to sell, the smart phone factory in mainland China in the fourth quarter there is a new round of under-year shipments under revision may make the first 4 Seasonal new product efficiency is limited, the impact of MediaTek, including mobile phone chip supply chain kinetic energy.
Second, September LCD, touch chip situation
According to the sun big data survey data show that in September due to module prices, the whole plant will not be willing to take delivery, are holding a wait-and-see attitude, resulting in a slight decline in liquid crystal chip shipments trend, including functional machine decline More obvious. Among the top 10 LCD chip shipments, there are no more than 10% increase in the number of enterprises, 6 increase in the 0-10% of the enterprises, a negative growth of 4. This shows that the liquid crystal chip market affected by the module, the situation is not very optimistic.
In September, due to the gradual increase of full screen and OLED screen, the touch chip continued its upward trend. It is expected that the touch chip will continue to maintain its prosperity in the next period. Among the top 14 touch chip shipments, there are no more than 20% of the enterprises, 4 of which have risen between 10% and 20%, and 7 of them have increased between 0 and 10%. The growth rate Negative 3. Thus, the touch chip market by the full screen and OLED screen, continuing the trend of last month, the situation is optimistic.

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