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Company News >> AAC Technology 200 million investment in optical layout stock rose another 8% soared 180 yuan / share
November 10, 2017, according to AAC Technologies released third quarter earnings, its sales and profits are high. Managing Director Mozu Kwok said the fourth quarter will increase capital expenditures 200 million in capital expenditures, the main optical and acoustics business. With the further escalation of smartphones, there is confidence that the sales increase will not be lower by 25% next year.
It is understood that AAC Technologies ended the first three quarters ended September this year, up 43% to 13.967 billion yuan (RMB, same below), shareholders profit 3.492 billion yuan, an increase of 42.26%, earnings per share 2.85 yuan. AAC Technologies has been continuously developing optical products and other non-acoustic revenue soared 79%, accounting for 47% of total sales, and acoustics revenue increased 20% YoY. Gross profit margin and net profit margin were 41.1% and 25%, respectively, down 0.3 and 0.1 percentage points year-on-year.
The third quarter As the beginning of the second half of the traditional peak season, the mainstream mobile phone brand flagship new competing during this period released. Benefit from the improvement of product structure, shipments of major platforms to achieve strong growth, far exceeding the overall smartphone market growth. Third quarter revenue rose 27% to RMB5,323.5 million, a record high for the quarter. Acoustics increased 17% YoY to RMB2,522.5 million, accounting for 47% of total revenue. Non-acoustics increased 29% YoY and contributed over 45% of total revenue. The third quarter to maintain high profitability, gross profit margin and net profit margin were 41.3% and 25.7%.
Mozu right said that although the gross margin and net interest rate fluctuations, but confidence remained stable throughout the year. And acoustic business, stereo design and waterproof features to promote stand-alone price increases, but also profitable margins. The gross profit margin of a product depends on factors such as technology content and customer's production volume. In the future, it will continue to expand its acoustics and non-acoustics businesses and raise its gross profit margin.
It is worth mentioning that AAC Technologies also said: "We are making great efforts to develop optics and other non-acoustic businesses. We believe the revenue and share in this area will continue to increase in the future and should exceed 50%."
For the optical business, it also said: "We do not have a clear target for the moment. As the optical business continues to evolve, we will also speed up the investment in related fixed assets and increase the revenue generated from this business. The absolute amount and percentage of optical business Will certainly grow, I hope next year sales growth of not less than 25%. "
In addition, it also stressed: "We will adjust the capital expenditure when necessary and increase the capital investment by about 200 million yuan in the fourth quarter. In the future, capital expenditures will also be increased, mainly on the two aspects of optics and acoustics , Stereo design and waterproof function to promote the stand-alone price increase, about 30% to 50% unit price increase.Optical Now the company has 10 million sets of lens production capacity each month, the goal is to double the lens capacity."

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