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Company News >> Half of the cost, troubled by the appearance of the industry nearly years to wipe Libre breakthrough
With the global panel production capacity shifting to China, only 44 panel production lines will be in volume production in 2016-2018, while there are still about 20 panel production lines planned in the future. Large market demand and output capacity, but also led to the domestic touch display device manufacturing market conditions, a large number of technical precipitation and experience in the accumulation of Chinese equipment companies began to touch the display industry after the breakthrough in the production, including the tie Set, fit, testing, etc. in the touch display manufacturing core equipment, went to the forefront of the world array.
"Compared to the front and middle stage equipment monopolized by foreign countries, the domestic module assembly equipment and testing equipment are expected to benefit from the booming investment in the domestic panel market." Mr. Li Guangxian, general manager of Shenzhen Li Rui Rui Technology Co., // said: "As technology is mature, close to the market, the nearest service and other advantages, more and more large and medium-sized touch display manufacturers in mainland China began to use domestic equipment to reduce overall costs , Making the market share of domestic equipment market is constantly improving, the market competitiveness of domestic touch display equipment and market position has also been greatly improved.
Mobile newspaper online: As far as we know, currently in the display and touch industry, with the increase of panel generation, the front panel automation of display panel production is getting higher and higher. The demand for manpower mainly comes from the back end of module production. Li Rui Rui as a domestic manufacturer of touch display devices, the main concern is what links in the industry?
Mr. Li Guangxian: Li Rui Rui is a Chinese touch with the rapid development of the display industry, growing manufacturing equipment research and development, design, manufacturing and technology services company. Mainly to meet the touch display industry chain manufacturing enterprise customers, in the process of diversity needs, provide different production processes processing technology process equipment, and automation technology upgrade services. The goal is to address the long-term over-dependence on skilled workers in the production process.
Li Rui Rui current business focus for the promotion of self-developed surface automatically clean wipe equipment, CCD alignment coating equipment, reduce the industry's electronic glass surface cleaning production costs. Has been to the touch screen, module, glass cover, mobile tablet smart terminals and other manufacturing enterprises, provided large, medium and small size complete specifications of the automatic cleaning and wipe coating equipment.
Among them, Li Rui Rui in the decomposition of the glass surface of module business activities after the wipe, after reasonable bionic means to simulate the best staff under the wipe movements, and with the corresponding module product material supporting the use of cleaning agent materials, development The fourth-generation 2.5D glass cover automatic cleaning and wiping equipment, as TP, CG in the whole fit, the front surface of the film wipe cleaning process, replacing the best equipment for human work.
Mobile newspaper online: from the development of the entire industry Taking advantage of the trend of view, touch the display industry wave of capacity expansion cycle basically completed, the industry has entered a period of steady development. In this market environment, Liburui in the market to promote automatic cleaning wipe ancillary equipment What is the significance?
Mr. Li Guangxian: On the surface, at present, the entire touch-control display industry production capacity has been from the incremental market stage into the market stock stage, for the equipment manufacturing enterprises, the development opportunities are not too large.

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