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Company News >> Resolved Panel Reflective Sharp Show Moth Eye Nano Coating LCD Panel 29th,Mar,2017
                                           Sharp in Japan CEATEC 2012, also exhibited a call moth eye LCD panel, it can be used for future high-definition TV products. Now on the market a lot of LCD panels, will produce some reflective, especially in the case of relatively dark film will reflect the surrounding background light, affecting the visual experience.
                                 And this moth eye LCD panel with a special nano-coating, you can make the color more vivid, higher contrast, the most important thing is to greatly reduce the glare. At the show, you can also see the use of new technology LCD panel and the difference between the ordinary panel, the figure on the left is the moth eye LCD panel. We hope that Sharp can be used as soon as possible this technology in new products, of course, the overall product price is best not to mention too much.

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