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Company News >> BOE owner JDI, and Hon Hai grab the pro? Expert: not so simple
In an interview with Wang Dongsheng, chairman of BOE, the leading maker of LCD panels in China, said in an interview that Japan intends to provide aid to Japan Display Inc (JDI) for redevelopment.
The estimated capital cost for mass production of OLED panels for smartphones is as high as 200 billion yen, and JDI is looking for companies interested in providing assistance and funding. BOE is considered as one of the most likely donors. It is through the BOE leaders personally expressed their willingness to provide assistance to the JDI.
It is understood that, JDI plans to cooperate with a number of enterprises by the end of March 2018 to finalize the plan for redevelopment. BOE, a state-owned enterprise in China, has grown into the world's leading LCD panel maker under the auspices of a government backed by strong backing from 1.6 trillion yen to build a new OLED plant in Chengdu, China.
So, BOE really intend to enter the Japan Display Company (JDI), and Hon Hai Group grab pro it? Research Institute IHS Senior Research Director Xie Qin Yi bluntly, BOE needs JDI technology, do not need JDI capacity, the problem is not so simple.
His analysis, JDI main small and medium-sized low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) panel, Apple iPhone handset panel is one of the major suppliers, BOE mainly in the mobile phone small and medium size panel, then the future trend, the main organic light-emitting diode (OLED) Panel, even though the low-temperature polysilicon panel is suitable for the back panel of the OLED panel, BOE does not need JDI's huge low-temperature polysilicon panel capacity, only JDI technology is needed.
If BOE shares JDI, Xieqin Yi think just like Chinese panel makers make Japan NEC, made OLED panel technology, but BOE only for JDI's low-temperature polysilicon panel technology, whether it is necessary to spend a lot of money to eat a large panel production capacity of JDI is still worth Discuss.
Xie Qinyi said that if BOE shares or shares JDI, the biggest benefit is to learn as a JDI Apple suppliers know-how, after all, JDI is certified Apple suppliers, even if there is no urgently BOE OLED panel production capacity at this stage, but can still provide BOE Become an Apple supplier opportunities.
At present, BOE lacks OLED technology. If JDI technology can be acquired through investment, it will become the second panel factory capable of supplying OLED screen to Apple after the Korean factory. BOE will become the full panel factory with various technologies.

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