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Company News >> Domestic mobile phones have emerged, why consumers are still flocking to the iPhone X
If you return to the era of Jobs, if you ask the best mobile phone products which one? The iPhone must be doing my part, as one of them.
However, with the gradual development of Google Android system, all domestic mobile phones such as Huawei, millet, OPPO, vivo and other brands of the rise of the rise, coupled with starting from the iPhone 6, each generation of iPhone products in the lack of innovation, iPhone Series mobile phones in the hearts of consumers have gradually fallen altar.
As in previous years, in September of this year, Apple officially released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and has the tenth anniversary of iPhone iPhone X three flagship product. Although these three models at the Steve Jobs Theater released, much consumer attention, but the three iPhone products, the fate of the sale there is a world of difference.
iPhone 8 due to the previous generation iPhone 7 is similar, from the sale after showing a difficult situation. Later, there is a well-known "cracking" incident, which undoubtedly for the iPhone 8 sales even worse, from the iPhone 8 into a difficult situation in difficulty, it can be said is also life also.
It is said that after consumers bought the iPhone 8, in less than two weeks, they cut their prices by 800 yuan. After the sale of the new machine, the price cut so fast can be said to be unheard of in iPhone history.
In fact, from the press conference at the time point of view, due to iPhone X was given the significance of Apple's blessing, iPhone 8 after the release of the results have long been obvious. After all, there is no comparison there is no harm, compared to no one interested after the sale of the iPhone 8, the latter iPhone X was released after the consumer berserk, the amount of up to tens of billions of yuan of gold, can be described as amazing.
The impact of the iPhone brand The public has been obvious to all, in the global mobile phone market, the only match with Samsung. In this year's global handset shipments, Samsung ranked first, followed by Apple, living in second place. However, in the domestic market, Samsung and Apple are unable to enter the top three, Huawei, millet, OPPO and other domestic brands mobile phone is the top, 堪称 mainstream.
This contradiction point quietly rise, because the user is curious is that Apple's iPhone products since the rise of domestic brand mobile phones, non-consumers in the country have the best choice, why when the iPhone X release, still much sought after by users?
In fact, just mentioned the same small building, there is no comparison there is no harm. iPhone X sale is entirely because of the success, there is iPhone 8 this "cannon fodder" products exist. In contrast to the blandness of the iPhone 8, iPhone X has so many remarkable advantages.

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