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Company News >> Apple plans to further expand the success of the Indian market to copy the model in China
According to the Economic Times of India, Apple has developed a proactive expansion plan for the Indian market, setting up a dealership to develop trade channels and developer ecosystems to support a strong product lineup in order to replicate its success in the Chinese market.
It is reported that in the third quarter of this year, Apple's revenue in India doubled year on year, of which iPhone, iPad and Mac sales have increased by double digits. Cook said he was very pleased about India's growth rate. He added that Apple plans to adopt a strategy similar to that in the Chinese market in India. He highlighted the significant changes in the speed of bandwidth that India is developing. Bandwidth issues have been around for a long time, but large operators and Bharti are currently addressing the issue, and now operator Jio is investing their way and India's services are better than a year ago. In fact, Apple has sold iPhone X in partnership with telecom operators, emerging Reliance Jio and market leader Bharti Airtel, which went on sale on November 3.
According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, Apple's current market share in India's handset market is only 2.2% in terms of volume due to high product prices, but it is in the top five in terms of market value, as Samsung The price of mobile phones is still high. Apple's new cell phone price of more than 60,000 rupees, high-end mobile phone in the overall proportion of the mobile phone market itself is not high. However, Cook has been working hard to increase the company's distribution partners and retailers in the Indian market coverage. The company recently added HCL Infosystems to its list of partners in India and its partners now include Ingram Micro, Redington, Rashi Peripherals and Beetel Teletech.
In addition, Apple also plans to establish its own independent distributor in India and apply for a single-brand retail license. To achieve this goal, the need to obtain local procurement of immunity, but they have not yet been approved.
In the meantime, the company also started producing iPhone SE in India in May through cooperation with Taiwan contract manufacturers. Cook said he hopes the local manufacturing industry will save some complex taxes over time in order to save money, and most iPhone SE products sold in India are produced locally.
Analysts said the third quarter of this year, iPhone sales in India nearly 100 million units, an increase of 50%. This is mainly due to the sale of older mobile phones, including iPhone 6, driven by the total sales of 60%. Jaipal Singh, senior analyst at international data firm India, added that Apple's sale of older phones, such as the iPhone 7, through discounts, rebates, the online market repo and partnering with carrier Airtel is also in its favor. Tarun Pathak, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, said Apple expects to see new growth rates in the fourth quarter.

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