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Company News >> Domestic efforts to break the foreign monopoly SMIC "China core"
Speaking of semiconductors, we have to talk about the world famous TSMC, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and Broadcom five giants. The chipmakers in the Mainland once shrouded in the shadow of Taiwan's TSMC and the monopoly of foreign capital. Even the largest and most technologically advanced foundry manufacturer in the Mainland and SMIC, the protagonist of the paper, are hard pressed to match the chip industry. However, the old saying goes, thick plot will always have a thin blooming day.
Based on the previous year's results, excluding the decline in FY14 results, SMIC recorded revenue growth and net profit growth in all other years. Benefit from last year's chip prices, revenue and net profit in FY16 double-bumper harvest, more scale expansion. However, in 2017 Mid-year Report, although SMIC recorded a substantial increase of 16.59% over the same period of last year, its net profit dropped by 33.32% to 106 million. The reason for the increase was mainly due to the increase in advanced technology research and development activities in the first half of 2017. It is understood that SMIC R & D expenses increased by 85.5% from $ 118 million in the first half of last year to $ 219 million in the first half of this year, which is a great effort in the field of technology research and development. However, with the sharp increase in net revenue, the increase in cost and the decrease in gross profit margin are also issues that can not be ignored. The increase in cost of sales for the first half of this year by 18.5% was due to the increase in the shipment of wafers during the period and the decrease in the utilization rate of fabs As a result, the main reason for the gross margin regression to 26.9% was due to the lower capacity utilization.
However, as far as the industry is concerned, SMIC is currently the world's fourth-largest pure foundry and the foundry leader in mainland China. It is also the only pure foundry in mainland China that can provide 28-nanometer process services. The newspaper showed that in the first half of this year, revenue from 28 nm increased to 5.8% of the total wafer revenue, an increase of 13.8 times over the same period last year, the market demand is still great. As for share price, since the middle of this year, SMIC has ended the "skyrocketing" mode of ending sideways trading. It has doubled its share price from a low of HK $ 6.91 to a new high of HK $ 14.24. It is also inseparable from the company's various actions.
In China's integrated circuit design, manufacture, packaging three links, manufacturing is currently the weakest, the largest part of the gap. According to ICInsights, a US market research institute, in 2016, the world's top 10 chip foundries accounted for 59% of TSMC's market share in the world, while the world's fourth-only SMIC accounted for only 6% of the market. As a supplier of Broadcom and Qualcomm, in the first half of this year, SMIC sold 40.02% of the total revenue to the U.S. market, while the mainland and Hong Kong accounted for 45.98% of the total revenue. It can be said that U.S. clients and high-tech enterprises in mainland China and Hong Kong account for more than half of SMIC's total revenue. However, despite the surge in turnover, SMIC still can not be compared with the historic TSMC.
On the 16th of last month, a sudden one-chip announcement by SMIC announced the appointment of Datang Liang Mengsong and Zhao Haijun as joint chief executives and executive directors. Liang Mingsong in the semiconductor industry is unparalleled that nobody knows, the market has called it "the world's IC manufacturing TOP5 technology monster." IC manufacturing is a capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry, and the chip is almost all high-tech foundations for the future. However, at present, China's chip technology is weak. Although struggling to catch up is still a long way from the high-end standards, Liang Mengsong, who once worked for TSMC and Samsung, seems to have not only injected a "tonic" into SMIC, but also for the mainland Semiconductor industry to provide technical reference. At the same time, China seems not willing to be made in China. China's chip industry has also become the top priority in overcoming the monopoly of technology in foreign industries. As a result, the Chinese capital began to plunge huge amounts of money to develop the domestic semiconductor industry.
Although it can not compare with the No. 1 TSMC in the world, the Chinese capital has its own development "routines" for the semiconductor industry. Ziguang Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua University, has opened the way to buy and buy sea-rich money. The long-term mergers and acquisitions of Changjiang Power Technology supported by the state funds have also drawn the attention of the international market. In the middle of last year, SMIC became the largest shareholder of Changjiang Electronics through its subsidiary "Snake Swallow-like". In 2015, SMIC and Huawei, Qualcomm and IMEC Belgium (Belgium Inter-university Microelectronics Research Center) set up a joint venture company, and SMIC as the largest shareholder jointly developed 14-nanometer chip technology. At present, SMIC's list of shareholders, the three largest shareholder mostly state-owned or state funds to show its supportive attitude. At the same time, the chip industry's talent also went into SMIC one after another, in addition to the founder is from TSMC acquired Zhang Rujing before, as well as TSMC veteran Jiang Shangyi, and now with Liang Mingsong.

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