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Company News >> Reveal the birth of Abby's LED spiral screen mystery creative never stop showing!
Today, the traditional LED display screen has long been fresh, the market demand has gradually showed a variety of features, LED display applications are gradually expanding. Some large supermarkets, star concerts, science museums, command centers and other venues on the demand for creative LED display is very significant, which requires LED display not only to achieve high gray, high refresh rate, high-definition display and seamless splicing, But also to meet the appearance of creative, able to attract the eye effect needs in a short time.
Demand market, creative display of the market driven many LED display companies began to research and development, manufacturing creative display, and to achieve different applications, different requirements of the private order. As we all know, LED shaped screen is a major creative branch of the show, because of its unique shape, but also by many customers. At present, there have been shaped on the market Rubik's cube screen, cylindrical screen, cone screen, spherical screen, triangular screen and so on. Red Sea enterprises under the market rooted in the market, dedicated to LED shaped screen more and more businesses, many eye-catching shaped screen project was born.

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