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Company News >> Fourth quarter global LCD TV panel market oversupply Panel prices to maintain a downward trend
First, the demand side: the slight decline in brand demand chain, manufacturers strategy
(A) conservative foreign brands stocking, Chinese manufacturers a positive strategy
In the fourth quarter, due to the overseas stocking demand gradually coming to an end, the pace of stocking by overseas manufacturers will slow down significantly. And in the fourth quarter of most manufacturers, the final quarter of financial settlement, manufacturers have to adjust the procurement strategy to control inventory. According to Sigmaintell statistics, the panel demand of major brands from overseas such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Sony dropped sharply by 15.2% QoQ in the fourth quarter of 2017, down 7.3% YoY and the stocking strategy was conservative.
The Chinese brand stocking strategy turned positive. According to Sigmaintell statistics, the demand for the top five brands in the fourth quarter increased significantly by 18.5% qoq. According to Sigmaintell, there are three main reasons for the increase in demand: firstly, Chinese manufacturers reduced their purchases in the third quarter and the inventory at the end of the third quarter was reduced to a healthy level, thus making them light. Second, the fourth quarter is the peak season for sales in mainland China. Chinese manufacturers actively stocked "Double 11" and "Yuan Chun". Third, the performance of Chinese manufacturers in the first half of the weak shipments, manufacturers hope that the fourth quarter, actively promote the promotion of shipping, and strive to achieve better BP.
(II) 55 "Continued strong stocking demand, 65" stockpile demand is sluggish
From the size of the structure, mainly in the following areas: First, the overseas demand in the fourth quarter fell back to 43 "will lead to a significant decline in demand for small size Second, 55" stocking demand continued to strengthen, on the one hand by the domestic demand in China Driven, on the other hand by 55 "pre-panel prices plummeted pull, demand to 55" gathering. In addition, 65 "continued downturn, the main brands for the 65" panel continued to be conservative.
Second, the supply side: the new line continued to climb, 55 "panel supply increased
(A) New Line Climbing, the supply volume increased by 3.4%
Q4 BOE Fuqing G8.5 generation continued climbing, LGD Guangzhou expanded G8.5 generation full line, HKC and GTR Innovative G8.6 generation line is also close to full operation, driving capacity area A 3.1% increase over the previous month. According to research by Sigmaintell, the supply of global LCD TV panel makers in the fourth quarter is estimated at 70.5 million, an increase of 3.4% from the previous quarter.
(B) manufacturers strategy adjustment, 55 "increase in supply
From the supply side changes in the size of the structure, manufacturers according to market demand and the status of their own inventory continue to adjust the allocation of production capacity. On the one hand, in the fourth quarter, manufacturers reduced their production capacity by small size, mainly as China's major panel makers cut production capacity by 32% on the G8.5 generation line and added 55% panel supply. On the other hand, the supply of medium- and large-sized capacity increased by 43 "and above. The supply of BOE's new product line climbed up 43%. In the meantime, in order to reduce 50" stock, Line start 43 "panel production. 55 "panel driven by demand, Chinese manufacturers and Korean factories have increased production supply.While the 65" restrained by demand, manufacturers, including South Korea's factory did not show very positive.
In the third and fourth quarters, the prices of TV panels kept decreasing while the prices of 55 "panels steadily declined slightly
With the gradual decline in export demand, Sigmaintell expects the overall supply-to-demand ratio of 32% in the fourth quarter to be 6.4%, which will gradually ease and the price drop will also widen.
40 "~ 45" size segment. In the fourth quarter, due to the increase in supply, the overall supply-demand ratio was 6.7%, showing oversupply and the price maintained a downward trend.
48 "~ 50" size segment, 49 "supply is relatively stable, but 50" G8.6 on behalf of the line due to mass production led to a substantial increase in supply capacity, and panel makers are facing severe inventory pressure, showing a clear oversupply, the price drop Trend, 50 "pressure highlights.
55 ", the brand actively motivates the demand for 55" promotion to continue strong, and the prices of previous panels have dropped sharply, stimulating the continuous growth of demand. The fourth quarter of supply and demand ratio of 4.5%, supply and demand balance. However, in the context of falling prices, the price of 55 "panels is expected to show a steady downward trend.
Large size part, the TV manufacturers are still facing inventory pressure, the terminal market promotion is not active, demand continued to slump. In the fourth quarter, there is a clear oversupply in the 65 "panel market. It is estimated that the price will continue to maintain a relatively large drop.

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