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Company News >> China and South Korea to expand production AMOLED panel or into the mainstream of intelligent technology 19th,Oct,2017
                                              Apple 2017 will launch a new generation of iPhone in the second half, determined to carry Samsung AMOLED panel, detonated the brand and panel factory to compete for investment boom AMOLED. The long-term penetration of AMOLED phones is expected to climb year by year, with the expected penetration rate approaching 50% in 2020, and AMOLED is expected to be the mainstream technology for smartphones, according to WitsView's latest estimate.
Samsung-led, Apple uses AMOLED panel to detonate the market demand
Samsung from the beginning of 2015 to actively sell AMOLED, digestion capacity, expand its market influence. The 2017 coincided with the advent of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple is bound to boost through a substantial revision of sales, to promote Samsung's iPhone into the real supply chain.
WitsView Research Associate Fan Bo Yu pointed out that Apple's strategy affects the overall industry, more than other mobile phone brands to accelerate the layout AMOLED technology, panel factory also began to enter the AMOLED panel market to the mainland panel factory the most active.
In addition to as early as 2013 to 2014 has been the layout of the layout and the glare and Kunshan Weixinuo, the original LTPS technology-based mainland panel giant BOE and Tianma, also in 2016 have accelerated into AMOLED technology, and even the original Planning of the LTPS capacity directly into the AMOLED production line, and in the first half of 2017 installed capacity, ready to enter the trial production stage.
Equipment capacity and technical standards, into a potential bottleneck development panel factory
The mainland market funds are abundant, coupled with the government subsidies for new display technology development, can be expected to follow the manufacturers will continue to build AMOLED new production line. However, AMOLED production technology threshold is high, in addition to the need to have a certain level of backplane production capacity, organic light-emitting layer of the evaporation process and packaging process, but also the development bottleneck.
To vapor deposition equipment, for example, is still dependent on Japan and South Korea Department of equipment manufacturers supply, which Japanese Canon Tokki 6 generation Half Cut machine is each panel factory competition. But Canon Tokki capacity is limited, is still priority to meet the future needs of Samsung and Apple-based.
Over the past 2 to 3 years, Samsung monitors almost monopolized the entire AMOLED panel supply, part of the mobile phone brand customers do not want to be completely tied Samsung, driving panel plant to speed up the layout AMOLED technology. In addition to the mainland panel factory, WitsView that this year's most significant indicator is the LG gold display will be the second half of the formal production 6-generation Flexible AMOLED production line, the first wave of products will target non-Apple mobile customers, is expected to gradually let AMOLED mobile phone panel market Towards a number of suppliers to compete more healthy development trend.

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