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Company News >> 2017 Q1 China LCD TV market, the proportion of the brand shipments ranking 11th,Oct,2017
                                                    According to the group intelligence consulting data show that in 2017 Q1 China TV market shipments of 11.69 million units, down 14%. By the fourth quarter of last year's high growth and high inventory, the whole cost of high, the market demand in the doldrums of the "three high and one low" effect, leading to brand factory "powerless" phenomenon.
From the brand performance point of view, China's six major brands Q1 shipped 8.16 million units, accounting for 70% of the market in the Chinese market than other brands still occupy an absolute advantage, but down 25%. Total volume, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL ranked the top three, there was a close state of the enemy. But the three brands are not as good as expected shipments, respectively, 19%, 29%, 20% of the huge decline, the weakening demand and panel prices so that the brand to prohibit the growth of shipments.
Internet brand Q1 was flat, Q1 shipments fell 25% qoq, but due to last year's base is too low, still up 36% year on year. From the perspective of music, although Q1 shipments grew 15% year on year, but from 2016 Q4 shipments began to decline significantly in 2016 Q2 and Q3 shipments rose to 1.5 million units and 1.6 million units, 2016 Q4 and Q1 2010 Q1 shipments fell to 70-80 million units. Due to financial problems and operational losses, the Internet brand in 2017 will no longer "bargain", the robust operating strategy will make the Internet brand growth is limited.
Foreign brands due to Sharp and Philips growth, an increase of 30%. It is worth noting that the Sharp brand, from the Sigmaintell (Sigmaintell) data, Sharp Q1 year on year there have been 200% growth, but compared to Hon Hai Group's 2017 4 million sales plan, Q1 performance It is difficult to let the market appear more imagination.
Philips online market to take low-cost strategy, online market and Suning close cooperation, production layout is also more perfect, first of its parent TPV in resources and production have sufficient advantages, low-end products from Kang Guan and high OEM, through the channel and the production of the layout, the rapid opening of the Chinese market, quarterly shipments grew 25%. Other foreign brands in the overall market demand sluggish and fierce market competition environment, the scale continues to decline.
2017 opening Q1 China TV market performance, so that the vast majority of brand factory feel the chill, how to adjust to meet the greater challenges faster, as the brand factory to think about the primary problem. From March to April the brand of new products will be able to feel the brand manufacturers to do both hands to prepare, first layout large size, ultra-thin, quantum dot, surrounded by border products to improve the brand image, the other layout of low-end products Stabilize the market position. How to layout more competitive high-end products, and how to reduce the cost of the layout of low-end products to stabilize the market, as the key to winning the brand in 2017.

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