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Company News >> China TFT-LCD LCD panel industry, how to take the road to recovery? 10th,Oct,2017
                                                 The government officially announced the end of the energy efficiency subsidy policy, the original steady recovery of the TFT-LCD LCD panel industry boom, and instantly like being fired. Because the Chinese TV brand manufacturers recently to wait for the attitude of inventory to wait and see, buying a sudden increase in panel buying. Coupled with the industry rumors that China last year after raising the import tariffs on the panel, this year may continue to raise tariffs, so that China did not set up factories in Taiwan produced a sense of Taiwan panel pressure. What's more, there are more 8.5-generation lines in China are expected to be out of 2014-2015, the global TFT-LCD LCD panel oversupply problems like never-ending. Panel industry boom recovery road, it seems undercurrent surging.
However, what is the actual situation in the end? In fact, there are many factors not yet considered into it. First, the issue of China's panel tariffs, the outside world may be very fresh, but the panel industry, has long been included in the calculation. With the Chinese TV brand owners to expand local procurement of Chinese TV panels, resulting in the rapid decline in Taiwanese companies in China TV panel market share, panel makers have already increased the sense of crisis, and began to adjust the customer structure, product mix, and even production strategy, operational direction The
Recently, for example, actively strengthen Taiwan factory with the Japanese, European and American customers, the promotion of emerging markets, the rapid reduction of the traditional standards of production (like the 32-inch panel), steering production 4K2K ultra-high resolution or other front-end technology products, and to more Production line into the touch panel (especially NB and other large size), high-end small and medium size panel program.
Moreover, the global TFT-LCD panel LCD industry oversupply problem has not been solved for many years, seeing China BOE Article 28 generation line of the upcoming 2014 first quarter out, Article 28 Huaxing power generation line will be commissioned in 2015 , Alone on the production area, the global TFT-LCD LCD panel supply surplus situation continues, nor surprising.
If the Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan panel makers around the competitive point of view, to exclude Chinese government intends to reposition itself in the second wave of tariff hikes to protect China's domestic LCD panel industry factors, the return to production scale and product strategy point of view, there is Part of the argument that the Taiwan plant is facing a difficult challenge. Because the next Chinese, South Korean manufacturers may be in the second half of 2013, large-scale cut out 48-inch, 49-inch TV panel, against the Taiwan factory 50-inch panel, which may be an 8-generation line of economic cutting war.
It is estimated that China's 8-generation new capacity has been opened, the factory 8-generation line panel total capacity (mother glass monthly output) will be much larger than the Taiwan plant (BOE two 8-generation line total monthly Up to 19 million, Huaxing Optoelectronics 1 8-generation line on the amount of 130,000 pieces of film), Han plant 8 8-generation line capacity is more impressive (on the list of 80 million / month), and Taiwan plant in recent years due to tightening Policy, group Chuang (3481) 8-generation line on the current volume of only about 60,000, AUO (2409) only about 90,000.
From the above viewpoint, it seems not only Taiwan-based panel makers are facing serious challenges, and even entire LCD panel market because China and South Korea are likely to fight the war, China's new capacity into the game, but once again caught in the economy decline in value of the correction cycle.

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