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Company News >> Power-saving large-scale LCD electronic paper display technology into IoT applications 26th,Sep,2017
                                                 Electronic paper display with power saving advantages, which makes it with the LCD (LCD) display a considerable difference. Even e-book reader is still the main application of electronic paper technology products, but in recent years to the technology-based electronic shelf labels, luggage electronic labels, electronic billboards, etc., has gradually become the growth of electronic paper display Kinetic energy source. The electronic paper's power-saving features, is its entry into the Internet of things the greatest cost.
In terms of technology, electronic paper technology can be divided into two kinds, one is microcapsule electronic ink technology, which has been widely used in e-reader. The microcapsules of this technique are mixed with white particles containing positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles which are suspended in a clean liquid and then, depending on the contents of the user, and the positive or negative electric field is turned on, Of the particles will move to the top of the microcapsules, the user can see the white or black images on the surface.
If the action of the electric field in the opposite direction, then the display is also the opposite, that is, black display, white hidden. Change the direction of the electric field can display between black and white switch. The white part corresponds to the unprinted part of the paper, while the black corresponds to the printed graphic part of the paper, using this principle, can directly to the external light source to achieve reflective light (Reflective Display). But the LCD is different, which is mainly the use of backlight module projection light source, the light source through the surface of the color filter and polarizer, direct observation of the eyes of the viewer to produce images.
Another technology is micro-cup technology, the operating principle similar to microcapsule technology, but the structure is different from the microcapsules, the technology has been widely used in electronic shelf labels, in addition to black and white, but also added a red or yellow.

Figure 1 micro-cup technology is very suitable for the application of electronic labeling areas
It consists mainly of millions of micro-cups, each containing a positively charged white particles, negatively charged black and red or yellow particles, suspended in a transparent liquid, when applied with positive and negative voltage, The repulsive particles will move to the top of the micro-cup, forming a multicolor composite image.
As the electronic paper in the production, is to use a thin film to do rolling, after the output is rolled, and then cut, so the amount of its output can be very large. Also due to the electronic paper film there is no way to do any drive, you must then paste a thin film transistor (TFT) to the voltage, and drive the small particles in the film to produce images. The TFT backplane can be soft, it can be hard, such as glass, but the soft backplane is still technically difficult, yet to be overcome.
Full-color electronic paper is more full color is expected to be listed in 2019
Although the current electronic paper technology, but also only to do red and yellow, but the current yuan too has continued efforts in this part to further achieve full color. Is expected in 2019, will be listed full-color electronic ink technology. It will be in the digital billboards, have a better picture quality, and in the color will be more saturated, and directly printed posters have a high similarity. For full-color electronic ink technology, yuan too product marketing, said Liang Yi, senior manager, because the electronic paper is the use of voltage to control the particles, if only black and white, only one push one, one can be a next, but if Different colors, it is necessary to distinguish between different voltage to do the drive, the color and color is not easy, but also because the voltage is limited, how to subtle to distinguish between the micro-level particles, make this process becomes very complex.
As the yuan is mainly the supply of electronic paper panels and materials, and therefore for different areas of application, there will be different system vendors partners and cooperation model. From the beginning of 2011, Yuan Tai began to invest in the field of e-books, Amazon is currently the largest e-reader customers. In addition, there are also Japanese manufacturers began to use the company's electronic paper technology, the piano into the e-book, so that users can freely mark in the piano, and the corresponding electronic piano can also be provided by the relevant manufacturers The
At present, Yuan Tai's electronic paper market is mainly 65 to 70% in the e-reader, followed by the electronic label (Figure 2), now in the company accounted for 10% of the market, the current yuan too electronic label Shipments have exceeded 100 million, the business opportunities will be mainly in Europe and the United States market, such as Europe's 3C chain stores Media Markt, while the Taiwan market, although already can see, but the number is not a lot, Liang said, even if Some industry is still in the pilot phase, but because of the benefits of electronic shelf labels, it has also begun to gradually import a large number of future changes in the system.

Figure 2 Europe and the United States market demand for electronic shelves marked growth
Market research firm Markets & Markets noted that the global market for electronic shelf (ESL) is expected to expand from $ 186.6 million in 2014 to $ 399.6 million by 2020, from 2015 to 2020 , To 14.1% annual growth rate of growth.
Price war since ancient times are the industry and the industry the most direct way of competition. If the shelf volume can be changed through the central unified control to do real-time replacement, it will play a great help, this time electronic shelf labels will play an important role. In addition, the electronic shelf label can also be removed from the past staff to change the price, so that the store produced unnecessary man-made loss.
Compared to Taiwan, the price of consumer disputes in the European and American government laws and regulations under the control, to compensate for more money, so the demand for electronic shelf labels in recent years in Europe and the United States has a very substantial growth.
Even if you set the electronic shelf label, you really need to spend an extra cost. Liang said, but the current cost of investment recovery is quite clear, and thus widely adopted by the industry. And the previous electronic shelf label investment recovery, about 24 to 30 months, now significantly improved to 18 to 20 months can be recovered.

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