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Company News >> Aisin shipments a panel factory OVPD OLED evaporation system 16th,Sep,2017
                                                     Aisi announced that it has received orders for a major OLED panel manufacturer in Asia, which will provide a set of OLED vapor deposition systems and will be installed in the second half of 2017.
Although Iris did not specify the type of vapor deposition system in the bulletin, according to previous reports, IELTS only OVPD vapor deposition system manufacturing experience, so the shipment of the evaporation system type will be OVPD.

Aisi will work with the panel manufacturer to try to commission the OVPD vapor deposition equipment to the production level. According to Ai Siqiang, OVPD evaporation technology compared to traditional evaporation technology, has a variety of unique advantages, including high evaporation rate, high material utilization and reduce the material in the evaporation of the cracking and so on.
In March last year, I thought that the use of OVPD vapor deposition equipment to achieve the OLAD (OrganicLarge Area Demonstrator), after several months of testing has been a good result, the current equipment has entered the customer testing phase of the shipment.
What is OVPD evaporation technology?
OVPD is a revolutionary organic semiconductor material deposition technology from AIXTRON, which produces organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and flexible electronics for flat panel displays, lighting and other semiconductor applications. Based on the principle of gas-phase transmission, OVPD is an innovative organic thin-layer thin coating deposition technology that achieves low operating costs and maximum production efficiency.
In the United States by Princeton University Stephen R. Forrested research and development and patented processes, organic materials can be evaporated under high vacuum conditions and transported through an inert carrier gas to a substrate where deposition occurs. Compared with the traditional method (vacuum thermal evaporation - VTE), the technology in process control, renewable and operating costs have significant advantages.
The United States Universal Display Technology Co., Ltd. (UDC) has the right to use OVPD patents, and in 1999 this patent specifically granted AIXTRON Aisi strong for OVPD system development, production and marketing. With the support of UDC, AIXTRON has developed an OVPD production system that focuses on OLED technology requirements. For this reason, AIXTRON combines OVPD with a patented near-coupled sprinkler (CCS) technology and successfully applies it to other AIXTRON systems (MOCVD) for mass production of semiconductor devices.

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