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Company News >> Investigation and Trend Analysis of China LCD Splicing Screen Market 28th,Mar,2017
                                             At present, PDP, LCD, DLP and small spacing LED splicing screen filled with the market, splicing screen market mainstream technology will show a diversified development trend. Since 2009, Samsung introduced ultra-narrow DID LCD splicing unit, LCD (LCD) stitching with ultra-light, ultra-thin, long life, low maintenance costs, low power consumption, high-definition, energy saving and environmental protection, market share Ascension. In terms of DLP (rear projection) splicing technology, due to the accumulation of industry technology and the development of a long time, the advantages in the patchwork so that it is suitable for applications in the splicing screen requires a higher industry. With the application of LED (light emitting diode) backlight technology, troubled DLP technology, the lamp life has improved.
                                  First, the rapid development of LCD splicing screen market and technology
                                  In recent years, an overview of China's splicing screen market development, LCD splicing screen LCD panel trend is one of the industry's hot focus. With Samsung, LG, Sharp have launched ultra-narrow LCD panel, the major manufacturers have expanded LCD splicing screen product camp, making LCD splicing screen has become a beautiful landscape in recent years. As a result, the LCD splicing screen of new products have been research and development, new technologies continue to emerge, LCD panel trend LCD splicing screen ushered in unprecedented attention.
                                  According to Owen Consulting (AVC) "China's big screen mosaic market research report" data show that with the LCD splicing screen system in the monitoring, command, scheduling and public display applications such as the role of growing, and the national information, New industrial construction and management of the level of continuous improvement in the next five years, the LCD panel trend of large screen splicing market will maintain 20% to 30% of the steady growth trend, of which the development of LCD splicing screen the most!
                                  In view of the current development situation, large-screen stitching products have been expanded from the first narrow professional level, high-end applications (such as radio and television, electricity, telecommunications, etc.) to now cover public management, people's livelihood, energy, industry, business, entertainment Dozens of sub-application areas. With the Samsung, Sharp, LG and other upstream LCD panel manufacturers continue to push the new cloth, the domestic Jin Shi, Yuan Run, Saipu as the representative of the big screen industry, LCD splicing screen product line constantly updated, LCD panel trend makes At present, in the current three major mainstream display technology, DLP large screen stitching market share accounted for 48% of the overall market, LCD accounted for 44%, almost catch up with DLP's market share Rate, PDP share decline, only 6%, small spacing LED splicing screen occupy 2%; LCD splicing screen market development potential has been optimistic about the industry, the reason is mainly due to LCD splicing screen technology continues to evolve, the cost of faster, Filling out.
                                 From the technical point of view, LCD splicing screen technology occupies a comprehensive advantage of the status of its main weakness is a wide gap, and DLP although the smallest joints, but in color performance, resolution, life and other aspects are more obvious defect. PDP in the anti-burn, the resolution is relatively weak. Technology development is a continuous process of progress and upgrade, although the current DLP, LCD, PDP three types of technology are constantly improving, but overall, LCD splicing screen in the field of large-screen stitching will still occupy a comparative advantage.
                                The next five years, LCD splicing screen in the big screen stitching market development prospects are most promising, its competitive advantage will be mainly reflected in the 150-inch and the requirements of the joints are not too high application areas (such as education, government institutions, public Venues, business areas, etc.), this area LCD splicing screen market share is expected to more than 50%; and 150 inches or more and the overall effect of the screen more demanding areas, will have to wait 50-70 inch level panel costs dropped significantly, As well as splicing down to less than 3mm, LCD can really get the challenge of DLP status. At the same time, the trend of the LCD panel to DLP as the representative of the back projection stitching and MPDP will also continue to improve and develop large-screen stitching market competition, although with the Guangzhou Yuan Run as the representative of the LCD splicing screen to change, but diversified Is still the subject of the future unchanged.

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