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Company News >> By the expansion of the mainland panel and OLED competition, Taiwan panel production continued to decline 5th,Sep,2017
                                                  Photoelectric Association (PIDA) is expected this year, Taiwan panel output value will continue to face the fate of the recession, in addition to the capacity of the mainland panel out, the mobile phone market suffered double competition OLED competition is expected this year's output will continue to decline, and the future development of hardships.
South Korea's Shingsung ENG today announced that it has signed a $ 57.5 million contract with AUO to supply AUO's panel production equipment. This amount is equivalent to Shingsung ENG last year, 29.30% of revenue, the contract is valid until February 1 next year.
Taiwan in the global supply of liquid crystal display panel has a place, but in recent years, the mainland manufacturers rely on government subsidies to invest a lot of money in the panel production, Lu Chang actively expand the new plant and production capacity continued to open, the new production capacity is expected to second half Into the market, will be more affected Taiwan factory survival space. In particular, the land-based panel in recent years in the quality and quantity have been sophisticated, market share increased year by year, obviously squeeze the panel in the global supply chain development space.
PIDA statistics in the first quarter of this year, Taiwan's liquid crystal display panel factory output value of 1,393,383 million yuan, compared with the fourth quarter of last year output value of 2,061,944 million, a decline of 6.2%, but up 34.2% over the same period last year. Last year, the output value of the panel can grow quarter by quarter, mainly due to the South Korean production capacity will be transferred to the production of OLED, to promote the supply of some size tight, orders to Taiwan factory.
PIDA made a warning, pointing to the Tablet Factory annual revenue from 2012 year-on-year decline in the situation, the future development of the industry as a serious alarm, mainly due to the panel industry for high capital expenditure and high R & D industry, if the manufacturers can not profit The future long-term growth of living water.
PIDA said that the Taiwan panel mill is currently facing unprecedented pressure from the recent quarterly earnings can be observed Taiwan plant has been the impact of the rise of the land plant, and even to endanger the level of national security, the community should face the problem.

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