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Company News >> OLED 3 times more expensive than LCD LGD still throw money to look after three years 29th,August,2017
                                                LG Display (LGD) as the world's second largest display panel manufacturer, in the last quarter, a $ 53 million loss, which LCD panel prices rebounded rapidly rising market environment, because it is actively its own production line from LCD transfer to OLED production, for the temporary performance loss, LGD said within three years the OLED sector will be profitable, expected by 2020 OLED business will contribute half of the company's revenue.

LGD OLED business president Yeo Sang-duk that the traditional LCD market has been saturated by the Chinese panel manufacturers caused by the price war to make its profits more and more meager, LGD need to maintain the leading edge in the OLED technology to achieve the company's strategic The victory.
As the OLED "organic light-emitting diode" technology relative to the LCD display technology has many advantages of performance, whether in the TV products, or in the popular mobile devices, even in the future of medical equipment, VR equipment, automotive display market, are Has a very huge market potential. Although the impact of manufacturing processes, product yield and other issues, LGD OLED TV panel is currently difficult to reduce manufacturing costs (this year's sales target of only 800,000 units, because the OLED TV price is three times the LCD TV), but in the United States, 2000 US dollars More than 55-inch TV market, and more than $ 3,000 65-inch TV market, OLED products already have more than 50% of the share, visible OLED technology in the high-end television market has been a great recognition, the annual global sales of 230 million Taiwan TV products, OLED if you can rule 10% of the high-end TV market, is already coveted big business.
Analysts are not so optimistic that if you can not effectively control the cost of OLED panels, and strengthen the OLED panel for high-end image of the publicity, want to open the high-end minority TV market is very difficult. After all, Samsung as the world's largest TV manufacturers, directly bypass the OLED TV market, in the education of users know OLED technology things, LGD is almost alone.
LGD in the third quarter of 2016 results, OLED business operations loss of 60 billion won, while the traditional LCD business has contributed 380 billion operating profit, even so, Yeo Sang-duk still think that OLED is the future direction, and specifically And China's panel makers, "Chinese companies if only focus on increasing production capacity, and the lack of sufficient experience and technology, is not easy to enter the OLED market," Yeo Sang-duk is clearly confident of LGD, "the future OLED will have a broader Of the application space, so LGD decided to expand the scale of production. "
LGD is a panel manufacturer, for the future performance of the predictors from the downstream customer feedback, at present, Philips, Panasonic, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong and other TV brands are LGD customers, active selection of OLED technology, which also give LGD's capacity to bring greater pressure. It is expected that by 2017, LGD OLED TV panel production capacity will increase to 2 million, to achieve 100% growth.

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