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Company News >> Taiwan AMOLED panel will be self-sufficient next year 11th,August,2017
                                           (AMOLED), to avoid the key material broken cooking, the Ministry of Economy hit NT $ 3 billion, time-consuming 8 years into AMOLED technology development, is now the layout of the five key technologies and groups, made more than 9 percent of the core patent , Next year the key equipment and materials can be 100% localization, used in mobile phone flat, wearing devices, is expected to promote the investment value of 2018 billion dollars, the future annual panel industry value growth of 150 billion yuan.
In response to future demand for differentiated products, the major panel plant continued into the next generation of flexible active organic light emitting diode (Flexible AMOLED) panel production technology, and began to introduce soft display technology in the smart handheld device, increase the surface display The
Ministry of Economic Affairs officials said that the international mobile phone manufacturers Apple, Samsung has long been put into the next generation AMOLED research and development, new technology emphasizes high resolution, high quality and low power consumption, mass production products towards folding, curl-type panel forward, Units have been successfully developed 7-inch high-resolution prototype products, verify the folding out with easy to carry, to open the product with a large screen concept.

Taiwan's legal layout AMOLED five key technology and patent groups, including soft base plate, soft package and soft board materials such as the number of three groups of patents, has been the world's second, and more than 9 to become the key core technology , Quality second only to South Korea's Samsung.
In promoting the key equipment and materials in the panel process, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is currently assisting Taiwan manufacturers to master most of the materials (80%) and equipment (60%) independent production capacity, cooperation companies, including Yuwei materials, Cheung, the new material, Taiwan You Baker, Union legislation, Yuan Li Sheng, clever iron, Yongmei, Yang Cheng, and so on.
Li Zhengzhong, deputy director of the image display technology center of the ITRI, said that in the new display technology to achieve the localization of materials, it is quite difficult because of its manufacturing methods, product appearance are different, and material validation is also very important, There are test production verification platform, international materials, equipment manufacturers have also been invested in cooperation with Taiwan.
HTC 2010 Samsung purchased Samsung AMOLED screen for their own brand Desire and Google Nexus one and other 2 mobile phones, but the material can not be made domestically, Samsung suddenly announced AMOLED screen supply is insufficient, resulting in HTC must be an emergency change design, the original screen The Super LCD (SLCD) produced by Sony.
Li pointed out that the domestic development of AMOLED must be part of the material and equipment 100% made, or someday production orders, they will face "material broken cooking." If the screen has a thin and light characteristics, you can leave extra space in the body of the battery, so that product life longer, including equipment gaps, module assembly and production rate of improvement, are Taiwan manufacturers must continue The direction of the effort.

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