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Company News >> Flexible AMOLED panel shipments over the next five years 10th,August,2017
                                                   Apple, Vivo and millet competing in a new generation of mobile phones equipped with soft AMOLED panel, dual screen, foldable mobile phone is also in the ascendant, the market IHS Markit expected, under the many brands under the arch, 2017 soft display will be the overall screen Of 3.8%, to be Samsung, LG released after the release of new capacity, will help accelerate the advent of new models.
IHS Markit pointed out that Vivo and millet in 2016 announced a smart AMOLED screen equipped with smart phones, other manufacturers are also actively studying the folding phone (or flexible, dual-screen mobile phone), Apple is expected to use soft on the iPhone 8 AMOLED, although the label competing AMOLED, pulled up AMOLED market expectations, IHS Markit chief analyst Jerry Kang pointed out that limited capacity, only a small number of smart phone manufacturers to meet the order needs.
This year, smartphone factories have put pressure on panel suppliers to demand more flexible AMOLED panel capacity, and IHS Markit's determination of tight supply and demand will improve in 2017. IHS Markit expects, once Samsung, LG Display 2017 start a new plant operation, increase the soft display, will speed up the advent of new smart phones.

Flexible display panel shipments
According to IHS Markit estimates, 2017 soft AMOLED will account for 20% of the overall OLED display, the overall soft display about 3.8% of the display shipments.
With the addition of many new smartphones to the market next year, each smartphone factory hopes to attract market share through a folding or dual-screen mobile phone, and the market will be in the fierce competition.
According to the latest IHS Markit flexible display market tracking report shows that 2016 smart phones accounted for 76% of the soft display supply, the rest of the ship is occupied by smart watches. As for the availability of soft displays in other applications such as flat, virtual reality equipment, automotive market and OLED TV, there will be no significant changes by 2023.

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