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Company News >> Japan JDI will acquire OLED panel company JOLED 10th,August,2017
                                                Japan Display will acquire Joled, an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel company, co-founded by Panasonic and Sony, to integrate Japanese display technology into one, with the help of South Korea and the Chinese industry.
Nikkei news reports, the Japanese display will be the end of next year to the technology fund industry innovation agency (INCJ) to acquire its stake in Joled, Joled's own holdings from the original 15% to 50%, this The transaction value is estimated at $ 100 million. INCJ, now affiliated with the Japanese government's technology fund, currently holds 75% of Joled's shares, while Panasonic and Sony account for 5% each.
The Japanese display will also acquire 75 billion yen ($ 650 million) from the largest shareholder INCJ to develop LCD and OLED businesses. The company will acquire funds from subordinated debt and convertible bonds, with greater flexibility to expand capacity and other initiatives.
The Japanese display mainly manufactures high-quality LCD panels for mobile phones, cars and computers, while Joled is manufacturing medium to large OLED panels. By combining both R & D and sales operations, the Japanese display is intended to be a customer- Panel of the leading industry.
The Japanese display was a company that was jointly merged by Hitachi, Toshiba and Sony panel businesses in 2012, but recently with a two-year loss, efforts are being made to cut costs. As the Japanese monitor half of the income of Apple iPhone slow demand, but also to the Japanese display from the spring began to suffer cash flow problems. The company expects to boost financial credit by reducing its reliance on demand for mobile phone panels and getting money from INCJ.
Japanese industry leader in LCD and OLED technology, but South Korea and Taiwan have been gradually increasing production capacity since the 2000s, forcing many Japanese companies to withdraw from this area. With the acquisition of Sharp in August, Japan's monitors and Joled have clearly become the last two panel makers in Japan, so the Japanese monitor also expects to work with Joled to gain a competitive advantage with INCJ's funding.
Panel industry blowing and wind factory prepared to fight
With the new technology, and the new generation of panel factory investment amount of hundreds of billions of dollars, the panel industry blowing resources integration wind, Japanese media reports, the Japanese display (JDI) will expand the JOLED holdings, rushed into large-size printing OLED panel market. This is interpreted as the Japanese government and industry, hoping to focus on cutting-edge display technology to JDI, to integrate resources against the threat of South Korea and Chinese enterprises; Taiwan factory to combat.
The current market leader in OLED panel manufacturers, are South Korea grab head fragrance. Samsung stand in the small size of the OLED panel market; LG display is the main TV with large-size OLED panel. Market rumors, Apple's new iPhone next year will be homes LTPS, change mining OLED panel. As a result, Jufan, the main panel factory, the big competing phase announced that the code will be added to the new OLED plant construction, and Korean factory to a higher.
(LKS) panel factory, the progress of all backward, mainly LTPS product yield is not easy to pull up. However, a new round of high-end mobile phone panel technology investment competition has been launched, which in turn the most active landlord, BOE announced in Sichuan sheep invested 46.5 billion yuan (about NT 220 billion yuan), the construction of 6-generation soft OLED panel Factory, planned in 2019 mass production.
She pointed out, including: Huaxing photoelectric, Tianma, Xinli, and Hui and Victoria CIGNA, and even do the milk of the Black Bull Group, also announced to invest in Lite-OLED plant. Korean factory in addition to Samsung use of discontinued TFT factory, to OLED production line outside. LG display is also built in the turtle Jie factory, planning 2018 mass production.
JOLED is the use of printing production of large-size OLED panels, different from the LGD technology, more non-Samsung's vapor deposition OLED technology. JDI will hold about 35% stake in JOLED from Japan's Industrial Innovation Agency (INCJ) to capitalize on the initiative of the 50% JOLED, with a focus on the intention of the Japanese OLED National Team.

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