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Company News >> Micro LED panel power consumption is only OLED panel 10% 7th,August,2017
                                                 Apple iPhone future is not possible for several days without charging? Foreign media reports, if Micro LED and flexible fuel cell technology is mature, plus 5-nanometer process if in place, the future action device for several days free of charge, it is possible to achieve.

Patently Apple, a foreign technology site, has reported that future mobile devices will be able to achieve the goal of not charging for days, depending on when Micro LED display technology and flexible fuel cells are mature.
The report said that if the two technologies mature and integrate a set of solutions, can significantly reduce the power consumption of mobile devices.
Micro LED panel power consumption is only 10% of the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel, the power saving effect is quite significant, if Apple's future Apple Watch or iPhone products using Micro LED panel, OLED panel can save up to 90 % Of electricity.
In addition, the flexible fuel cell can run for a long time, and the mobile device can not be charged for a few days.
Researchers at the KIST (KoreaInstitute of Science and Technology) have developed groundbreaking fuel cell technology with breakthrough results to develop ultra-lightweight, flexible fuel cell stacks, the report said.
The report pointed out that if the hydrogen fuel cell can replace the lithium-ion battery, and further applications in wearable devices or UAV products, can significantly enhance the product's battery life.
It is also noteworthy that foreign media recently reported that IBM even Global Found (Globalfoundries) and Samsung (Samsung) announced the development of 5-nanometer manufacturing process technology, claiming that compared to 10-nanometer process, the chip performance can be greatly improved 40 %, Power consumption can be reduced by 75%, not only to support artificial intelligence (AI) and the expansion of real (AR), may also help to achieve a few days free mobile device target.
TSMC has also said that the 5-nanometer process will enter the risk trial production in 2019, in line with the advanced mobile platform design, and plans in the 5-nanometer process widely used extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology to reduce the complexity of the process.
Patently Apple pointed out that Apple's new generation iPhone in 2020 will use what kind of low-power high-end wafer process, IBM coalition and TSMC potential will have some contention.
Foreign media previously reported that South Korean manufacturers AMO Greentech completed the test of flexible lithium-ion battery, is expected in October in South Korea and mainland China factory production.
Reported that the flexible battery design can be folded 180 degrees, you can also twist twist 20 degrees, the application area can be infinitely extended, not only smart phones, including wearable devices, smart watches, virtual reality (VR) or amplification Reality (AR), etc., have a flexible space for the battery.
Apple seems to be developing hydrogen fuel cells. Foreign media previously reported that Apple and a British company Intelligent Energy seems to be closely related. Intelligent Energy has developed a hydrogen fuel cell module that can be used with the iPhone 6 for up to 1 week without charge.
This rechargeable battery generates electricity by combining chemical changes in hydrogen and oxygen, producing only a small amount of water vapor and heat. If you use this hydrogen fuel cell, the phone may have to design a few holes in order to allow water vapor discharge. If you want to fill hydrogen fuel, you may be able to fill from the appropriate jack.

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