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Company News >> BOE, and Hi-Tech and other expansion accelerated OLED panel process 4th,August,2017
                                              According to reports, Apple and Samsung's display panel manufacturer SamsungDisplay signed a two-year value of about 9 billion US dollars of small size OLED panel supply agreement, SamsungDisplay this year will supply 70 million to Apple to 92 million small size, Apple lead Mobile phone industry continues to innovate, will drive other mobile phone manufacturers to accelerate the rapid development of OLED small size panel.
China's BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Guocheng Optoelectronics, and Huaguang and other manufacturers have introduced OLED panel production line construction plan, which BOE fastest development, the latest 6-generation Chengdu production line is expected to put into operation in 2017, 2018 domestic production capacity will enter the fast Release period.
Panel production line production, domestic equipment import substitution process to speed up. In the overseas show that all enterprises for OLED display expansion and equipment supply and demand in the context of short-term tension, on the one hand flat panel display industry automation trends, equipment continues to upgrade; the other hand, the mainland shows the leading enterprises will experience a continuous period of years High-end display production line to build gold cycle, domestic equipment import substitution demand and the amount is also large.
The rapid development of OLED will drive the rapid expansion of the entire OLED industry chain, including manufacturing equipment, materials, assembly and other industrial chain will give birth to great opportunities. Apple OLED screen and the application of BOE OLED production in 2017 is expected to catalyze OLED theme investment. Societe Generale Securities advised investors to actively focus on the industry chain related earnings target. Upstream raw materials and equipment: precision electronic, Wanrun shares; intermediate supporting components: in Ying Electronics; downstream panel enterprises: BOE, deep Tianma, black cattle food.

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