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Company News >> OLED fancy LCD panel to open a difficult survival mode 1st,August,2017
                                          LCD TV prices tide is still no corpuscles, nearly half a year to 40-inch to 55-inch TV have 300-500 yuan or more, especially the profit margins but in the outlet of the Internet TV manufacturers, prices are more unfounded. Xiao Bian has two friends originally intended to buy "cost-effective" Internet TV, now face prices are on the sidelines, want to wait for the price down to buy again. According to the current situation, LCD TV short-term price reduction is unlikely. LCD TV prices can be attributed to two reasons. First, the RMB exchange rate fluctuations, inflation These big trends led to rising raw material costs, LCD panels also followed up. Second, the panel manufacturers to upgrade the industry, the focus shifted the LCD panel prices.
Showing that the industry is actually a gold industry, because it belongs to the strategic resources of the technology industry. Almost all personal consumer electronics products need to be directly or indirectly associated with the display.
LCD technology has passed its golden age, from the second half of last year, the global LCD panel industry experienced abnormal cyclical fluctuations. As a recognized next generation of display technology OLED, with the consumer market demand for its gradually strong, more and more attention by the mainstream panel manufacturers.
OLED fancy LCD panel to open a difficult survival mode
Why will OLED become mainstream? This is closely related to Apple or will be used in the new OLED display technology, as well as the VR industry. Large-screen display OLED and LCD formation separatist trend, this year's big screen OLED camp and more Sony, Panasonic and other veteran TV manufacturers. With the OLED in the key technology to get a breakthrough, it shows the advantages in the field more and more obvious, the whole industry will also make its cost to continue to decline.
LG Panel, the global panel industry leader, will build the world's largest 10-generation OLED manufacturing base in Pau, South Korea, or mass production of large-size OLED panels with small and medium size flexible OLEDs, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2018. And Samsung to be outdone, shut down part of the LCD plant line, focus on expanding OLED production capacity. LGD current OLED on behalf of the main focus on large-size TV panels, and Samsung is mainly concentrated in the AMOLED panel inputs to meet the needs of smart phones.
The domestic panel manufacturers also did not dare to slack off. Rumors will invest hundreds of billions of dollars for the OLED panel factory; BOE has two OLED production lines and an OLED test line; Pegasus, Vincent has three OLED production line; Guodian a 6-generation AMOLED production line is also set up in Hebei in. Almost all of the domestic panel manufacturers are trying to seize the opportunity to show the overall transformation of the industry, the first layout of the OLED panel. The data show that OLED panel market share is also a substantial increase.
In addition to the transformation of the enterprise itself, a lot of capital is also injected into the emerging display industry. Some cutting-edge, such as printing display technology, flexible color electronic ink screen, and so are subject to the capital venture capital concern.

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