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Company News >> LCD large-size panel in August rose has been reduced phenomenon 25th,Mar,2017
                                             TFT LCD large size panel after a large increase in July after the end of the cost of customers due to pressure, August panel gains have been reduced phenomenon, due to inventory pressure is nearing the end, then look at eleven holidays and the United States Black Friday's sales situation, the current Taiwan panel factory for the fourth quarter of the boom mostly neutral bias optimistic attitude.
                                   As the season comes, large-size panel in July there is a more obvious increase, which IT panel rose about 5 to 6 dollars, TV panel due to the demand for anxious, July rose 10 to 15 dollars. 32-inch and 42-inch TV panels are each rose $ 15, respectively, to $ 210, $ 355 price, so that the front panel panel tasted the sweet taste of profit.
                                   As the panel prices have been maintained for half a year, the terminal manufacturers all feel the cost of increased pressure, in addition to part of their own absorption, but also to adjust the LCD monitor and LCD TV terminal price as a response, though, but because of the panel The current panel is still in short supply, WitsView estimated August panel prices continued to rise, which, IT panel rose about 3 to 5 dollars, TV panel is flat or soared 1 to 2 dollars, 8 Month large size panel price increases have been smaller than in July.
                                   Panel manufacturers said that in the LCD TV panel inventory to reach a safe water level, the next depends on the sale of eleven holidays, as the United States, depends on Black Friday sales conditions may be, because the sales of these two festivals will The impact of access to the panel panel to the speed of change, in this case, October will be the first wave of sales observation indicators, if the sales situation is good, then the 2010 New Year's stockings will be worth looking forward to.
                                   And the current panel panel to observe the fourth quarter of the economy point of view, most manufacturers view is not pessimistic, Taiwan AUO that the fourth quarter, even if there are many new capacity to open out, but that the demand will not be large The rate of decline occurs, however, because the LCD TV terminal price increases, so will closely observe the terminal needs change.
                                   As for the United States and the United States that is not too much in the fourth quarter of the negative factors, to be cautiously optimistic attitude to face, or even exclude the glass substrate out of stock may be extended to the fourth quarter; As for Caijing, that the fourth quarter Although the panel demand is not weak, but the glass substrate out of stock problem should be solved, and because there are more panel capacity to open out, so the fourth quarter of the panel economy flat.

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