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Company News >> Smart watch into a panel outlet AMOLED, LCD who can fight forward? 25th,July,2017
                                          LG Display in the future must expand the flexibility of AMOLED panel capacity scale, in order to meet the needs of both LG and Apple customers.
From Huawei and LG's latest smart watch screen, LG still continued the previous generation of smart watches G Watch R specifications, are 1.3 inches in diameter, 320 × 320 resolution POLED round screen. While Huawei is 1.4 inches, 400 × 400 resolution AMOLED round screen, pixel density up to 286ppi. It is understood that Samsung Gear Live AMOLED screen pixel density of 278ppi, LG G Watch R pixel density of 247ppi. In this regard, Huawei said, Huawei Watch screen resolution is the highest in the industry.
In order to meet the needs of smart watches on high-resolution screen, in recent years, global panel manufacturers continue to force AMOLED technology. In the fourth quarter of 2013, LG Display produced a 6-inch flexible AMOLED panel. LG first released in 2014, equipped with 6-inch flexible AMOLED panel LG G Flex surface screen smartphone, and in 2015CES released the second generation of G Flex 2. LG G Flex 2 and the previous generation of the biggest difference is that the hardware specifications have been improved, the surface of the screen from the original 6-inch POLED panel down to 5.5-inch POLED panel, the resolution from 720P HD resolution to 1080P Full HD Resolution, and its radius curvature from 400mm to 700mm. Thus, LG Display in the flexible AMOLED technology, especially in the resolution has been a comprehensive upgrade.
In addition, LG Display also from the second half of 2014 mass production round 1.3-inch resolution of 320 × 320 POLED panel, and LG smart watch LG G Watch R supply screen. Not only that, because the POLED panel has a thickness of only 0.6mm, color reproduction rate of 100%, the maximum brightness of 300nit and so on, so Apple favored and become Apple Watch touch screen suppliers. Therefore, for LG Display, the future must expand the flexible AMOLED panel capacity scale, in order to meet both LG and Apple customers for flexible AMOLED panel needs.

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