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Company News >> LCD panel shortage situation difficult to change TFT-LCD high-generation line announced the construction 25th,Mar,2017
                                              Recently, a number of TFT-LCD high-generation line announced the construction, such a large-scale investment will bring overcapacity? With the continuous production of the production line, can break the large size of China's LCD TV panel subject to the situation, to win the Chinese local enterprises in the global flat display industry, the right to speak? These issues have aroused widespread concern in the industry.
                                   With the gradual flattening of color TV, China's demand for LCD panels is growing. Display Search latest forecast, LCD TV sales in 2012 will reach 188 million units, the average annual compound growth rate of 15%, when the Chinese market share will reach 21%, becoming the world's largest LCD TV consumer market. However, as the core technology and occupy the machine most of the cost of the panel production line, but has been stuck in the lower generation and lower technical level level. China's LCD panel industry production scale still accounts for only 4% of world production.
                                   At present, Samsung, LG-Philips, AU Optronics and Chi Mei four manufacturers accounted for 75% of the global LCD panel market share. China's six major color TV manufacturers need the vast majority of TV screens from Japan and South Korea and China's Taiwan enterprises to buy. "China is the fastest growing, most potential LCD display products market, but the domestic LCD screen self-sufficiency rate of less than 10%." Hefei new station comprehensive development pilot area party secretary Li Wu said.
                                  A number of industry experts talk about the lack of pain are deep feeling. At present, there are three 5-generation TFT-LCD production line, two 4.5 on behalf of the line. These production lines are more suitable for the production of small size computer monitors and mobile phones and other portable mobile phone display. Compared to the global LCD 8-generation line or even 10-generation line level, China is far behind Japan and South Korea and Taiwan.
                                  February 12, 2009, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a "organized and implemented on the implementation of color TV industry strategic transformation of the special issues related to the notice", Development and Reform Commission will organize the implementation of color TV industry for three years the strategic transformation of industrialization special, special focus Including color TV machine, flat panel display panel module, flat panel display key accessories and materials and flat panel display for manufacturing and testing equipment. April 2009, the State Council approved the issuance of the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in conjunction with the relevant departments of the "electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan", clearly TFT-LCD liquid crystal display included in the key tasks and major projects. A series of policies fully shows the country's attention to the industry. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong once again stressed that we should pay close attention to the implementation of electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan, focusing on cultivating and expanding new industry groups, and promote key domestic hardware and software applications.
Several TFT-LCD high-generation line announced the construction
                                   Recently, in Hefei New Station Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone BOE 6 on behalf of the scene, BOE Technology Group Vice President Liu Xiaodong told reporters: "We will complete the plant in December cap, according to the plan, in October next year can be mass production, completed in September 2011 Improve the yield and capacity climbing, to achieve full operation.This means that the most advanced production line, the first 6th generation TFT-LCD production line production is about to become a reality.
The following are the same as the "
                                    It is understood that from a national perspective, this year, China has announced the construction of a number of high-generation line. September 12, Kunshan TFT-LCD (8.5 on behalf of the line) project in Kunshan photoelectric industrial park construction, investment of 3.3 billion US dollars; November 16, the Shenzhen Municipal Government announced the investment of 24.5 billion yuan to start 8.5 generation TFT-LCD production line project The In addition, Samsung plans to build 7.5 lines in Suzhou and Hefei new station test area is to build 8-generation line.
                                   The industry believes that from the national point of view, into the LCD TV upstream panel industry on the national electronic information industry, a comprehensive upgrade on China's industrialization and information technology has a huge role in promoting the same time, the domestic demand is also very favorable. BOE Chairman Wang Dongsheng said that China is not only an important global consumer electronics market, but also manufacturing center. China also has labor costs, operating costs, logistics costs, tariffs and other low-cost advantages.
                                   But also some people worry that the high-generation line will be put into production overcapacity. Ministry of Industry Information Division Director Xiao Hua has said that the domestic high-generation LCD panel line should form a national level of overall planning, or the future may be overcapacity problems. He revealed that the Ministry of Industry is currently developing a new policy, the LCD panel industry to guide.
                                   According to Displaysearch's expectations, it is too early to talk about overcapacity. In 2013, China's LCD TV scale of 45 million units, if in accordance with all 32-inch calculation, three 8-generation line to meet this demand; if in accordance with 32 inches, 42 inches, 55 inches each shipments of 1/3 Calculation, the need for six 8-generation line.
Breaking the big size of the panel subject to the situation
                                   A number of experts interviewed said that China's LCD panel, especially large-size panel shortage phenomenon can not be changed in the short term, because our enterprises do not grasp the core technology to do LCD panels, almost all large-size LCD panels are dependent on imports. At present, China really engaged in LCD panel manufacturing, only the BOE, on radio and television, dragon photoelectric and deep horse. Only by breaking the technical monopoly can enhance the right to speak.
                                   In fact, Japan and South Korea enterprises have been trying to curb the rapid development of China's domestic panel manufacturers. BOE in 2007 has proposed the integration of SVA, Dragon Optoelectronics and other three domestic panel production plant plan, but ultimately failed. In addition, foreign investment in the mainland to build TFT-LCD production line can generally enjoy the local tax reduction and reduction of two preferential policies, you can also enjoy the national export preferential policies. Insiders said: "They have both mature technology, but also have preferential policies, pricing power in their hands, domestic enterprises is difficult to compete with them." At the same time, the insiders also expressed his worries: "Since they dare The transfer of their own high-generation line to the country, it is likely to have a more advanced technology.We now put so much, it is likely to just master the 8-generation line technology, the new technology has come out. "It is understood that Sharp Is preparing the 10th generation production line. DisplaySearch even predicted that in 2010 after the 10th generation production line, the 12th generation line will also appear in 2012.
                                   Some people are optimistic that the upcoming launch of several high-generation line planning will break the large-size LCD panel in China by the situation, and gradually develop with independent intellectual property rights of the equipment. At the same time to promote localization and localization of equipment supporting parts and manufacturing and material suppliers to the development of local enterprises in China to enhance the global flat display industry, the right to speak.

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