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Company News >> Do a good job of domestic enterprises or should give priority to the development of LCD panels 14th,July,2017
                                          Recently, the domestic upstream LCD panel industry bustling: LGD Guangzhou high-generation line in the delay after a year announced the start of this month on the 22nd, and TPV and Panda will also be established in Nanjing, the 10th generation of LCD panel plant, Samsung 8.5 line in Suzhou Also after the government's approval, coupled with the BOE, Huaxing photoelectric production, the domestic LCD panel market is booming.
However, "OLED years or to mass production," the news one, how much for the heart of the industry buried a shadow. As the next generation of display technology, OLED has been high hopes for foreign brands, and invested heavily. In late April media reports, Sony will be set up with Taiwan's panel giant AUO set up OLED TV and panel joint venture factories to catch up in the field of OLED leading Samsung and LGD. In addition, Panasonic plans to invest 20 billion to 30 billion yen, the establishment of the first 5 to 6 generation OLED panel production line, production for large-size TV and commercial display OLED panel. The fastest speed than South Korea, South Korea's Samsung in June this year, there will be a monthly production capacity of 6000 glass AMOLED eight-generation test plan, and LGD also plans to build a monthly production capacity of 8000 glass substrate AMOLED eight-generation test line The
At the same time, with the increase in OLED investment, foreign investment is also gradually reduce or even give up in the LCD LCD display investment, after the dystocia of LGD Guangzhou 8-generation line is affected by this. I understand that the current decline in LCD panel prices, unit profits thinner, coupled with the huge investment in building a panel factory, has become a lot of domestic enterprises burden of the panel. More argued that foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises joint venture panel factory, is in the proceeds at the same time transfer the burden, such as the year's CRT production line.
Even more obvious is that when foreign investment is keen on the OLED, why our domestic is still swept like the development of LCD display?
In fact, I believe that even if the OLED prospects attractive, but "eat a fat man", the domestic enterprises can not digest the. For domestic enterprises, the current large-size TFT-LCD panel is the fundamental. The reason is in the TFT-LCD on the basis of the OLED to large size forward.
Domestic in the field of liquid crystal display, a few years ago is always relying on the import panel, import module, everywhere controlled by foreign investment, and now with the domestic brand self-reliance, involved in the upstream LCD, master the right to speak. Despite the huge investment, but for the entire industry chain, it is Gabriel and no harm.
According to the United Nations merchandise trade statistics database shows that LCD and optical components is one of the top four imports of Chinese imports, the annual import costs of LCD screen more than 100 billion yuan. Investment LCD production line, although the current loss period, but the entire industrial upgrading will also stimulate the development of industrial clusters. The State Council will also show the LCD industry as one of the new industries to lead the future economic development.
Industry sources, OLED in the AMOLED and TFT-LCD has a great industry common and to undertake, is not a technical alternative relationship. If the technical change is sooner or later, but now if you do not grasp the infrastructure, talk about the future?

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