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Company News >> Mainland LCD factory embedded touch panel production process as expected 13th,July,2017
                                               FPD China 2014 exhibition in Shanghai, LCD major exhibitors and 2013 the same, for the BOE, Tianma microelectronics and Huaxing photoelectric 3, according to observation, the mainland LCD panel manufacturers in the highly difficult In-Cell / On-Cell Embedded touch panel production progress as expected, on the other hand, in the emerging technology of carbon nanotubes, graphene, metal mesh and nano-silver and other technologies, although the technology is not yet mature, but a number of mainland manufacturers are still active Towards the direction of mass production.
Analysis of LCD panel manufacturers in the touch panel display content, and 2013, including the main difference, including the 2014 exhibition in the East did not display any projection capacitive touch panel, only the exhibition and the Swedish industry Tobii cooperation eye control display ; Tianma Microelectronics is emphasizing the current production of In-Cell / On-Cell embedded touch panel, supplemented by mass production for many years of industrial control projection capacitive touch panel; and in 2013 did not show touch panel related products Of the star, then display 32-inch monolithic glass (OGS) projection capacitive touch panel.
FPD China 2014 exhibition is the first time to open up the touch panel area, but there is no major touch module factory exhibitors, only the Guangdong Province Touch and Application Industry Association, small touch IC industry Bethel (Betterlife), Korean plant crystal Electronics, etc. are involved in the display of touch module products, and are not yet mature new technologies, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, metal mesh and nano-silver line. DIGITIMES Research that the quarrying of phenolic film touch panel short-term will remain confined to white card smart phone applications, carbon nanotubes to the mainstream market to promote greater opportunities.
In the touch panel related parts and components of the exhibition, and 2013 FPD China when the German plant Schott (Schott), Japan Asahi Glass (AGC) and Japan Electric Glass (NEG) three international glass manufacturers exhibitors are different , The exhibition in 2014 only NEG an international glass manufacturers alone exhibitors, still stressed its long research and development of ultra-thin glass, glass and resin glass and other technologies, but the practicality has been stronger than 2013, DIGITIMES Research found that Taiwan has the main Touch panel factory using its ultra-thin glass production touch panel, both thin-film touch panel light, and glass touch panel environmental tolerance. Overall, in the touch panel related to the display content, FPD China 2014 to show the mainland's attempts and diversified emerging technology development capabilities, follow-up development worthy of attention.
(1, 580 × 720) In-Cell embedded touch panel, and 4.3 inch to 5.5 inch range. On -cell embedded touch panel, as well as a number of industrial and automotive use of the plug-in projection capacitive touch panel; and Huaxing is a 32-inch OGS touch panel display.
. In the absence of the main touch panel factory, the carbon nanotube touch panel industry Beijing micro satisfied star source and graphene film industry Chongqing Mixi technology in Guangdong Province Touch and Application Industry Association booth display its production of mobile phones With carbon nanotubes and graphene touch panel, but because these technologies are not yet mature, shipments are not large.
. Korean plant crystal display its 42-inch nano-silver thin-film touch panel and 21.5-inch metal mesh film touch panel, which the former line with LG Electronics (LGE), the use of the United States Cambrios research and development of nano-silver Line technology; the latter with the Korean factory MNTech cooperation.
.NEG is FPD China 2014 only show touch panel related glass materials industry, although the main technical core have been shown for many years, but the protection of glass has been the main mobile phone and tablet computer manufacturers, and the use of ultra-thin glass production touch Panel has also been mass production, practical than in previous years.
2013 FPD China BOE and Tianma exhibited embedded touch panel that was still in the development stage.
In 2014, only Inma and In - Cell and On - Cell embedded touch panel products were exhibited.
In 2014, BOE did not display such a panel because of its embedded touch panel has entered the current mass production stage, but still only the terminal industry to send samples, from the large-scale promotion still need some time.
In 2013, BOE has exhibited 13.3-inch OGS touch panel, but in 2014 by the China Star Optoelectronics display 32-inch OGS touch panel. The panel is a collection of factory Wo Ruiya touch IC, can be 10 touch, but now tied to the experimental line output, no production planning.
The only touch - related application exhibited by BOE in 2014 is the eye control panel in cooperation with the Swedish Tobii, but did not show a groundbreaking application.
. Myung Info Tech (Myung Info Tech) exhibited its 42-inch nano-silver thin-film touch panel and 21.5-inch metal mesh film touch panel.
Which is produced by the LG (LG), the use of the United States Cambrios research and development of nano-silver line technology.
And its metal mesh film by the Korean factory MNTech production, grid invisibility is good.

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