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Company News >> Is OLED a transitional product? Can Micro LED technology compare with OLED panels? 11th,July,2017
                                           A new generation of display technology Micro LED to attract Apple (Apple), Sony and the global display supply chain concerns, the next 2 to 3 years is expected to see the relevant applications come out, but because of huge amounts of money transfer technology bottlenecks have not yet broken, the industry for Micro LED technology And OLED panel is still a high dispute is still controversial, which, Taiwan's LED manufacturers Everlight, Longda Dong Block have optimistic, Ronda Chairman Su Feng pointed out that OLED will be transitional products; billion light chairman Ye Yinfu is optimistic about Micro LED used in wearing devices, smart phone growth potential.
Sony took the lead in the new CLEDIS display screen for the Micro LED commercialization of the topic, is expected to begin selling in 2017, if the 220-inch 8K display screen, for example, is expected to offer about 120 million yen, equivalent to 1.03 million US dollars, the industry Outgoing Apple's upcoming new headquarters, may purchase Sony's CLEDIS display screen.
In the international manufacturers set off Micro LED boom driven by the supply chain industry who have ducks to join the ranks of Micro LED R & D, ITRI cross-industry to promote the "huge micro-assembly industry to promote the Union," Hon Hai Group also announced the development of R & D, Industry, such as AUO, Qunchuang, BOE, etc. have also launched a technology research and development, hoping to break through the huge amount of technology transfer points.
Recently, the mainland LED leading San An photoelectric as early as 1 to 2 years ago has begun to layout Micro LED technology, and in the mainland to apply for a number of related patents, from the upstream epitaxy to the huge transfer are covered, and Micro LED as Future focus on the development direction.
In the Taiwan Department of LED factory part, the upstream grain factory crystal as the world's largest production capacity of four yuan LED factory, if Micro LED technology application display technology using RGB three-color LED, crystal power is bound to become the main partner, 100 micron Mini LED, although the process technology is still different, but by the outside world as a micro LED indicators, and even the market will be the power of Apple will become the cooperation of suppliers.
Ye Yinfu that Micro LED technology bottleneck is not in the LED itself, mainly in the precision machinery and equipment problems, as long as the equipment can be packaged and production, 5 years related production equipment will be able to develop mature, as long as the production speed, equipment depreciation costs Reduce, there is a chance to market mainstream. As for the product application, Micro LED is expensive, is not suitable for competition with small-distance display, but have the opportunity to import in the watch, smart phones and other consumer products.
Su Feng said, Micro LED will become an important application and technology in the future, the current Ronda has set the test line for research and development, although the industry that the production of high difficulty, but from the past OLED panel history, as long as the manufacturers are willing to smash Money investment, technical bottlenecks will not be the last problem, the current panel factory also happy to see Micro LED, due to Taiwan's LED and LCD industry with technical advantages, through cross-cutting cooperation, will have the opportunity to Micro LED display market development skill.
However, the new century photoelectric general manager Chen Zheng for RGB three-color LED transfer to Micro LED's yield and feasibility of doubt, he believes that to Micro LED into the mobile phone screen, the manufacturing cost will be difficult to match the OLED panel Price reduction, although the new century for Micro LED research and development, but the future will be applied to other niche market.
Sony Show CLEDS display technology is seen as Micro LED into the commercial milestone. Han Qingxiu photo
Old LED factory Bai Hong, chairman of Liao Zongren also believes that Micro LED LED equipment is not directly into the existing investment, nor is it money can be done, the short term Micro LED is not yet possible production.

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