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Company News >> On the radio and television: complete the fifth generation of LCD line panel industry change 8th,July,2017
                                              At present, more than 6 generations of high-generation LCD screen production line was Japan and South Korea and China's Taiwan enterprises monopoly, the domestic production of three 5-generation small and medium-sized LCD panel, can only create a computer screen, this profit is far better than large-size flat TV available. With the growing size of flat-panel TVs, computer screen more and more wide, 5-generation line has been unable to keep up with the demand.

  In order to occupy the industry high-end, low-end processing to advanced manufacturing transformation, the construction of more than 6 generations of high-generation production line, the domestic TFT-LCD industry must cross a threshold as soon as possible. However, this is not easy, experts pointed out that the construction of TFT-LCD high-generation line, large investment, long cycle, high technology content, a huge return, but also means high risk.

  LCD panel production line is TFT-LCD industry chain in the middle and core, the upstream industry chain is supporting materials and components production, the downstream is the liquid crystal display, LCD TV and other terminal products. A single LCD panel production line, no upstream and downstream of the package, will face the cost and market sales of the double test. At present, Shanghai's TFT-LCD industry chain has formed a prototype, especially the upstream supporting TFT-LCD basically complete, built a number of color filters, IC drive, glass substrate, PCB board production line, which for the future formation of industrial clusters , Industry scale and supply chain advantages.

  Mainland first more than 6 generations of production line construction Whispering, become the focus of the current TFT-LCD industry, but the light to build a 6-generation line, far from the domestic TFT-LCD industry goals. This industry really want to break through the bottleneck, the production line must continue to upgrade to the high generation, but also need to form economies of scale. Scale up, high input is a problem. Investment in a 5-generation line, about 50 billion yuan; 6-generation line needs 20 billion yuan; 7.5 on behalf of the line at least 30 billion yuan. The radio and television group after the reorganization of the assets of the two major platforms, the Shanghai TFT-LCD industry, the future operation of the capital will have a foundation.

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