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Company News >> CPT donated billions of dollars to TFT LCD panel project 5th,July,2017
                                                 CPT said that the 6th generation TFT-LCD panel production line project is completed, the company will increase the annual average after-tax profit of 47,742 million, the project before tax internal rate of return of 7.73%, after-tax internal rate of return of 6.64% , Sales profit margin of 7.16%, after-tax static investment recovery period of 10. 17 years. The construction period of the second phase project is 2 years. After the completion of the project, the annual sales income will be 1415.27 million yuan, the annual profit will be 633,905,200 yuan, the annual profit after tax is RMB 538,894,400, and the investment payback period is 4.48 years (after tax).
Since 2010, CPT is committed to "based on the LCD module, combined with touch components and touch one-stop products," the strategic layout to enhance the competitiveness of the industry. The fund-raising also continued this strategy, investment in the upstream panel factory key components, through the Huajia Choi investment in a new 6-generation panel factory, scheduled to produce glass substrate size 1850mm x 1500mm, design capacity of 30,000 / month, Focusing on high-end small and medium size panels; at the same time expand the production capacity of Coriolis cover glass, the formation of 83.3 million (14-inch dollars) of the production capacity.
As China is currently 5% tariffs on foreign panel mills to provide price advantage for domestic manufacturers, while in the panel policy continues to encourage the purchase of domestic production panels and components, Huajia color construction will help CPT use this advantage, Combined with the existing module production line, to provide customers with a complete supply chain and products, shorten the delivery time and reduce costs.
TFT-LCD small panel demand continues to grow
The industry is expected, with the popularity of domestic 4G network, 4G mobile phone shipments will continue to grow. 2013 4G mobile phone shipments to 4.6 million, 2014 up to 72.4 million, estimated 2014 144 million, 2016 will increase to 220 million, 2017 will reach 300 million, the market prospects. In addition, is expected in 2018 small and medium size panel sales revenue will reach 70 billion US dollars, sales revenue compound annual growth rate of 11.88%.
At the same time, with the development of panel technology, pixel density PPI continue to improve, people gradually improve the demand for fine quality, high PPI mobile phone screen market demand also will be expanded, estimated to 2016, the global mobile phone panel main Will be concentrated in the 300-400PPI, and by 2017, more than 300PPI products will be more than half of the global mobile phone market sales. China's national consumer upgrades to the consumer electronics technology products industry to bring sustainable development momentum, Tablet PC, smart phones and other consumer electronics terminal products for the rapid development of high-quality, thin, small size, high-definition, high-resolution display Panel development brings significant opportunities.
Cover plate glass application expansion
According to reports, CPT subsidiary Kellett products for high-end strong quality cover glass, which has high compressive stress, pressure layer deep, high surface quality, and can quickly achieve the desired chemical strength characteristics, the main Used in smart phones, laptops and tablet PCs, car touch panels, mobile devices and so on. Consumer electronics is an important industry in which demand for glass is growing and is expected to grow at 13% by 2015.
In addition to the consumer electronics industry, in recent years also continue to produce many emerging markets, such as car, smart glass, architectural glass (sightseeing elevator glass) and so on. In the car market, compared with the traditional glass, high aluminum cover glass solid and ultra-thin, suitable for automotive windshield, dashboard and touch panel. Global smart glass market revenue is expected to grow from $ 2.3 billion in 2013 to $ 5.3 billion in 2020.

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