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Company News >> Mainland AMOLED panel factory shot big grab phone brand customer orders 30th,June,2017
                                             The recent mainland and glow power push AMOLED panel, and Hui business representatives to the smart phone brand customers show flexible AMOLED panel products, in the market sweep, supply chain industry, said more and more mobile phone factory began to find another AMOLED Panel supply source, ASUS is expected in the first half of 2017 launched a new phone, will be used and Hui AMOLED panel. However, the relevant industry did not express their views on customers and specific orders.
Industry experts pointed out that the smart phone brand manufacturers Apple (Apple), Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), Huawei and other active use of AMOLED panel, is expected to promote other mobile phone brands using AMOLED panel wave, AMOLED panel will be in the high Mobile phone supply chain expansion forces territory, the future TFT LCD panel market will be squeezed, only in the low-end mobile phone supply chain more competitive.
In response to the needs of mobile phone brand customers, the global panel factory to accelerate the development of AMOLED panel, anxious to catch up with Samsung Display (Samsung Display), including Korean plant LG Display (LG Display), Japan Sharp (Sharp) and Japan Display (Japan Display), Taiwan Factory friends, as well as the mainland panel plant Tianma microelectronics, and Hui, etc., are quickly pulled up AMOLED panel combat power.
Component manufacturers believe that mobile phone brand customers for the Samsung display AMOLED panel supply stability concerns, coupled with other panel suppliers offer relatively low, and willing to provide more attractive discount, mobile phone brand customers happy to see other AMOLED panel supply Business forces rise, but the upstream component industry will continue to feel the price pressure.
And the full investment into AMOLED panel technology, did not develop the traditional TFT LCD panel, early AMOLED panel mainly to white card customers such as Shanghai Rui Jiake, etc., in addition to the recent provision of overseas white card customers, but also actively into the mobile phone brand customers Supply chain, has now entered the HTC mobile phone, Huawei smart watches and other supply chain.
The current AMOLED panel leader Samsung display global market accounted for more than 9 percent, and continued to pull up AMOLED panel capacity, but because of important customers Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) in recent years in the mobile phone market performance is poor, despite the adjustment of product strategy, 2016 in the middle machine Also equipped with AMOLED panel, but still on the Samsung monitor AMOLED panel shipments of the impact of energy.
Samsung display for the expansion of the sea, the adjustment of products and marketing strategies, not only to expand the price competition, push push AMOLED panel products, and has gradually into Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, Jin Li, Cool and other supply chain.

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