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Company News >> Panasonic R & D new LCD panel contrast ratio OLED 26th,June,2017
                                                 Panasonic has announced that they have developed a new LCD panel has broken through the black level of the restrictions, the contrast can reach a staggering 1000000: 1. If this is true, that LCD panel in the fight against OLED which will no longer be at a disadvantage.

One of the biggest features of the OLED panel is the perfect black level, which is also considered one of the most important factors in determining the quality. Because you want to show a great contrast, first have to have a pure black bottom "canvas". And because the OLED panel can be individually controlled pixel switch, so even if its brightness does not reach the LCD level, it can be displayed by the black to achieve high contrast.
In contrast, the LCD panel is dependent on the brightness of the LED backlight to achieve high contrast. Because its pixels can not completely cover the rear launch of the light, so it can not show pure black. This is why LCD TV in the dark background of the bright objects will produce a halo effect reasons.

But the TV manufacturers have not tried to solve this problem, but instead to develop to shoulder to shoulder even beyond OLED new technologies, such as Samsung QLED panel based on quantum technology.
But now, Panasonic claims to have developed a technology that can fit the current LCD panel to deliver the highest black level while achieving the highest brightness of 1000 nits.
According to the introduction, this new IPS LCD panel in the conventional display unit behind the addition of a new optical modulation layer, can filter out the light from the backlight, which as an additional switch to control the pixel alone.
When working with high-density backlighting, this technology can present 600 times the contrast of ordinary LCD panels, but also completely eliminate the light leakage, halo and black pan-gray problem. And compared with other types of LCD panels, IPS also can bring a wider viewing angle.
Although today's LCD TV has been in the use of local dimming to control the screen of the separate area, but Panasonic's this pixel-by-pixel control can show a better viewing effect. For the time being, Panasonic will first apply this technology to the business world, such as live television, video production, medical displays and automotive displays, but consumer TV applications for this technology will be followed.
If the actual effect of this technology is in line with Panasonic's propaganda, it will likely shake the entire TV market. At present, OLED panel costs are still high, mass production is also difficult, and QLED TV requires new production equipment and technology. But Panasonic said that the traditional LCD panel production equipment can be used to make their own this new panel, which also maintain a lower production costs, and no need for additional adjustment of production equipment.
Panasonic said that the new LCD panel will begin trial production in January next year, I believe we will be in the next year's CES show to see more relevant information.

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