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Company News >> IPhone next year to take the AMOLED cross-strait touch factory big grab a single 24th,June,2017
                                          Apple (Apple) 2017 new iPhone biography will be equipped with AMOLED panel, fear will lead to the upper reaches of the supply chain to re-shuffle, the first wave of Apple's first wave of OLED panels and touch fit orders will be Samsung display (Samsung Display) to obtain the main supplier Right, as the touch sensor supplier has not yet finalized, recently triggered cross-strait touch manufacturers to grab a single. In addition, Apple recently actively layout of the mainland market, Apple may also add the mainland touch panel suppliers. However, Apple and related industry did not confirm the order message.
Supply chain industry sources, Apple 2017 new iPhone is expected to use AMOLED panel, and came Apple has signed a 3-year contract with the Samsung monitor, is expected from the second quarter of 2017 from the iPhone OLED panel supply. As the OLED panel to take embedded (in-cell) technology process threshold is higher, Samsung monitor may be with plug-in (out-cell) program, and single-handedly arranged touch panel fit, touch panel factory Chen Hong, industry into Wait for fear of getting the new iPhone touch fit orders.
Despite the 2017 new iPhone first wave OLED panel touch fit orders released hopeless, but the current list of touch sensor suppliers has not yet been finalized, the Japanese touch factory Nissan printing (Nissha) is expected from the iPad suppliers, Further cut into the ranks of the iPhone supply, but the Japanese pictorial printing of existing production capacity is still insufficient to supply Apple iPhone production needs, Apple may add 1 to 2 touch suppliers.
The industry is expected to Apple supplier candidate list, including the old partner Chen Hong, industry into the mainland touch panel factory Europe and the Philippines, as well as from the mobile glass processing started the mainland Blue and Bourne, has been in the evaluation stage, Plant competing with the strong smell of gunpowder is expected to be the fastest in the second half of 2016 become clear, made Apple's new iPhone touch sensor order of the industry, the future have the opportunity to further follow the follow-up iPhone models touch fit orders.
As the mainland smart phone market competition, iPhone sales decline in the mainland trend, Apple to strengthen the mainland market layout, CEO Tim Cook frequently visit the mainland, and intends to enhance the proportion of mainland supply chain orders, will benefit the mainland touch factory Made a big apple.
In addition, Apple's new iPhone if the use of OLED panels, including the process and film substrates have a major change, the new touch sensor technology is also difficult to improve, if the touch supplier orders a single volume, the yield can not be synchronized pull up, Operational fear will be hit. Chen Hong, general manager of Chen Hong also pointed out that large customers for the touch sensor requirements are high, Chen Hong will cooperate with other strategic partners to develop technology.
Supply chain industry that the touch panel industry downturn, the availability of Apple's new mobile phone orders, will become the touch of Taiwan touch factory operating the key.

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