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Company News >> Suppliers compete for OLED layout 2018 market look super LCD 23th,June,2017
                                        Subject to the technical problems, now do OLED screen company is not much. Although the technical problems will be resolved quickly in the short term, it is still not so easy for everyone.
In the competitor Samsung, HTC and other mobile phone manufacturers have adopted a higher resolution, more energy-efficient OLED screen, Apple no longer sit still.
                              According to foreign media reports, since next year, Apple will be the new iPhone flagship product screen upgrade to OLED. Which will once again leveraging Japan and South Korea and other major OLED screen supplier market.
                              "This is an annual output of hundreds of millions of markets." IHS research director Zhang Bing told reporters: "The question now is that with such a large output of OLED screen only Apple's biggest competitor - Samsung."
                               The current global OLED screen is dominated by Samsung. IHS statistics show that the first half of this year, Samsung accounted for 10 inches below the global small screen OLED 99% of the shipments. "How could Apple make it the biggest competitor to be his biggest supplier?" Zhang Bing told reporters, "If you want to upgrade the OLED screen, Apple has to broaden its supplier channel."
                                However, Apple does not have much choice. "There are not many companies that are now able to do OLED screens," he said, "although the technology problems will be resolved quickly in the short term, but it is not that easy for everyone."
                               At present, the domestic manufacturers engaged in OLED screen production, including peacekeeping letter Connaught, and Hui, BOE, Tianma and Huaxing photoelectric. "The domestic manufacturers are basically no chance.OLED main supply chain is in Japan, South Korea, China only for a very small special specifications." Shenzhen source of light general manager Huang Shaoyun told reporters.
                               According to Zhang Bing, OLED screen suppliers, Apple will choose the first tier of suppliers, such as Sharp and LG, the second tier, such as the Japanese display company (JDI) and Panasonic, and domestic suppliers in the short term almost no production OLED screen capabilities.
                              "In fact, many domestic screen manufacturers are ready to launch OLED, and the technology should be no problem, mainly the threshold of investment in equipment." Carbon CEO Li Ping told reporters.

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