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Company News >> LCD panel after why China and lift the flexible AMOLED investment tide? 21th,June,2017
                                              August 8, Ningbo Yinzhou District and Mange Technology Co., Ltd. reached a formal agreement, which will undertake a total investment of 40 billion yuan in Yinzhou District flexible AMOLED display project. The project not only become the history of Yinzhou District, the largest total investment in industrial projects, has also become the second largest domestic AMOLED investment projects.
                                  China's largest flexible AMOLED investment project is BOE Chengdu 6th generation LTPS / AMOLED production line project. The production line as early as the first half of last year has been announced, a project investment of 22 billion yuan. The end of February this year in the 6-generation line to continue to increase, increase investment of 24.5 billion yuan to build two projects.
Although the BOE announcement did not explicitly point out the production of flexible AMOLED display, but said the production of AMOLED display products, the main small and medium-sized high-end display market, but BOE senior vice president Zhang Yu has been declared in Chengdu, the sixth generation AMOLED production line main products Small and medium size flexible bendable AMOLED panel.
                                  In the 6th generation LTPS / AMOLED production line project investment, Tianma Jingdong more cautious. Last year, Pegasus announced to 12 billion yuan to build Wuhan 6th generation production line, not LTPS / AMOLED, but LTPS LCD. Owen cloud network information industry chain research center analyst Wang Xiaoyu told reporters that Wuhan Tianma 6th generation production line planning was originally for LTPS / AMOLED, but because of funding problems, first announced for the LTPS LCD.
                                  In May this year, Tianma began to change, announced that Wuhan Tianma 6th generation LTPS display panel production line project progressing smoothly, will be part of the production line of its equipment to optimize, to LTPS-driven substrate AMOLED production line.
                                  Following the release of announcements more than a month later, there is a large domestic listed companies invest in AMOLED project. Huaxia happiness announced on June 28 that its two companies intends to invest in the 6th generation AMOLED panel production line, OLED display module project, management, technology, personnel and intellectual property rights in Gu'an County and Bazhou City, Hebei Province respectively Guocheng photoelectric provision, the total investment of about 36 billion yuan. It is reported that the country has launched the Kunshan 5.5 AMOLED production line of the second phase of the project, 2017 will be put into operation, some of which will be used for the production of flexible AMOLED products.
                                  TCL Group's Huaxing photoelectric in the AMOLED also have action, Qixi Consulting Deputy General Manager Li Yaqin said Huaxing Optoelectronics second 8.5-generation line will expand AMOLED products in the future, its Wuhan 6-generation LTPS production line will also be imported into AMOLED produce. Tianma previously announced that it will be 34 million yuan transferee Shenzhen Huaxing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. wholly-owned set up in Guangdong Poly-Printing Technology Co., Ltd. 34% stake.
                                  In addition, Hon Hai has successfully acquired Sharp, Hon Hai Joint Sharp will invest 200 billion yen R & D OLED panel, plans to begin production of OLED panels in the first half of 2018. And Hewlett-Packard, the letter is also actively preparing to build a new 6th generation AMOLED production line project, and even no AMOLED panel production line experience is also seeking soft flexible AMOLED panel related investment.

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