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Products > Graphic LCD > 132X32 > 132X32 Graphic LCD FSTN
132X32 Graphic LCD FSTN
132X32 Graphic LCD FSTN 132X32 Graphic LCD FSTN 132X32 Graphic LCD FSTN
Product name : 132X32 Graphic LCD FSTN
Product No. : 132X32 Graphic LCD
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                                               Shenzhen Enrich Electronics Co.,Ltd is an export-oriented high-tech
enterprise,specializing in the customizing of TN,HTN,STN,FSTN and other types of LCD
for COG and COB module.Our products apply for medical electronics,instrumentation,
smart wearable device,a number of areas of financial POS machine,U Shield,ETC electronic
tag and home appliances products.As a supplier of international renowned enterprises,most
of our products are exported to Europe,America and other countries.

                            This type of product can be customized according to your request :

132X32 Graphic LCD

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